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Searching for a new TV package? Cable.TV can help. Whether you are preparing to move, or just in the market for new TV service from a different company; let Cable.TV be your one-stop resource for comparing all your options. Don’t waste valuable time researching providers one by one online. Learn the difference between cable TV and satellite TV service. Compare providers side by side. See deals in your area from companies like DIRECTV, and find the right package for you. All in one place!

Interested in more than just TV? We can help with that too. Find out who offers Internet bundle deals and compare your choices. Plus, learn more about advanced technology like whole-home HD DVR. You can even get useful tips, tricks, and how-to guides in The T.V. Room to help you make the most of your TV service.

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Know Your TV Options

You have more than one option for TV service. Depending on where you live, you may be able to choose between traditional cable TV, satellite TV or new technology like online streaming or fiber optics. Cable.TV gives you the resources you need to learn more about the differences between each type of service.

What is Cable TV?

Cable TV is transmitted via a network of underground cables that run signal from a local provider to your home. Cable companies offer service to homes within a geographic area, so where you live determines which company can provide your cable service.

What is Satellite TV?

Satellite TV is a cable TV alternative. Unlike cable, television signals are transmitted from a satellite to a smaller dish attached to your home. Satellite TV providers can deliver service virtually anywhere. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky.

What is Fiber Optic TV?

Fiber optic is a new TV technology. It is like cable TV in that fiber optics run underground from a provider to your home. Fiber optic TV does have geographic service restrictions based on how far the fiber optics can reach.

What to Look for in a Cable or Satellite Provider

You pick a package based on a few things, one of the most important being channels available. Find a provider that offers the channels you want to watch. Love reality TV or original series on premium networks?

If you’re a major sports-enthusiast you will want to make sure your TV service includes all the action-packed sports channels and programming you want. Look for a TV provider that offers exactly what you want in sports entertainment.

Technology is a major part of the way you watch TV. Are you looking for high-definition programming or 3D channels? If full-time HD channels are important to you and your family, consider a TV provider and package with a variety of full-time HD channels.

The right TV service, whether it is cable or satellite, includes the right equipment for what you need and want. Do you like to record your shows to watch later? Add an HD DVR to your TV package for more flexibility.

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