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Adams Cable

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Adams Cable is a local cable, Internet, and digital phone provider that is family owned. Adams Cable serves local areas in the states of New York and Pennsylvania. Adams Cable service provides analog or digital cable TV and a variety of home service packages.

About Adams Cable TV service

Adams Cable service is provided in forms of TV packages. The TV service can be digital if your home has the right equipment. All cable package prices are monthly and there may be additional fees for installation. In order to receive local HD channels for free, you must have a HD television with a built-in digital tuner.

Adams Cable TV packages

All packages are available in all serviceable areas, but prices are subject to change depending on location. The following packages are offered by Adams Cable service:

  • Basic Cable—Up to 17 channels, including local channels
  • Expanded Basic Cable—Includes the channels from Basic Cable package, up to 65 channels total
  • Ultimate Digital—package includes over 100 more cable channels and DMX Music Package and expanded networks (digital tuner is required with package)

Adams Cable Internet

You can also get broadband Internet packages if you are an Adams Cable customer. Service is available in the following speeds:

  • 3 Mb Download speed
  • 6 Mb Download speed
  • 12 Mb Download speed

Adams Cable services & technology

In addition to Adams Cable TV and Internet, there are other home and business services offered by the company. You may be able to choose to package services together or only receive standalone service.

Other services

  • Digital phone (available for business or residential purposes)
  • Residential or Business fax (requires business phone line)
  • Digital video recording
  • Pay Per View programming

Compare DIRECTV to Cable

DIRECTV is a popular satellite TV provider among many regions.  It is the nation’s #1 satellite TV service and has over 30 million subscribers. DIRECTV also offers satellite TV packages combined with other home services, like high-speed Internet.


DIRECTV offers a vast selection of channels and TV programming favorites. There are over 285 channels in DIRECTV’s largest package. Also, you have the option to watch HD channels, premium channels, and local channels. 98 percent of customers can get HD local channels, too.


Compared to cable or any other TV technology, DIRECTV is available in more locations. DIRECTV is not restricted to a certain region of the U.S. like cable TV providers. With satellite technology, DIRECTV is available in 100 percent of U.S. households. All you need in order to access DIRECTV in your home is a clear view of the southern sky.


Choose from a variety of packages with DIRECTV service. There are five different packages with varied channel counts and features:

  • SELECT™- The smallest package, includes over 130 channels
  • ENTERTAINMENT- Includes over 140 digital channels
  • CHOICE™- Over 150 channels available with this package
  • XTRA-Over 205 channels to enjoy
  • ULTIMATE-Second largest package of quality programming, over 225 channels
  • PREMIER™-DIRECTV’s most extensive package with over 285 channels available, which includes four premium networks.

DIRECTV technology

Satellite TV connects to your home through an individual satellite dish. It can then receive the signal and interpret it as quality HD TV channels for your enjoyment. Choose from a standard receiver, a HD receiver, or a HD DVR receiver. HD and 3D programming are available with DIRECTV, along with other TV entertainment features.


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