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Astound Broadband Compared to DIRECTV

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Astound Broadband

Astound is a provider of cable, Internet and phone service for residential and commercial businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. A subsidiary of WaveDivision Holdings, Astound provides telecommunication services for over 300,000 customers.

Availability & Service

The service area for Astound is restricted to the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Astound broadband offers telecommunications services through its fiber optic network, including cable television, high-speed Internet and phone service. To find out if Astound is serviceable at your address, visit and enter your zip code.

Cable Packages

Astound Broadband offers cable TV service through several different packages. You can upgrade your equipment to digital or HD for more viewing options.

  • Local Broadcast- The starter package includes local programming; channel availability varies by area
  • Basic Cable- A step up from Local Broadcast, the Basic Cable package includes just that, basic cable channels
  • Enhanced Basic- The Basic Cable package with your choice of digital or high-definition equipment
  • Digital Cable Pack- Includes the channels in the local and basic packages, in digital quality
  • Premium Pack- Everything in the Digital Cable Pack with the addition of premium channels


Astound Broadband services encompass more than cable programming; high-speed Internet and home phone service are also available. If you need more than one service, Astound Broadband offers bundle packages at There are a few different bundles to choose from, with varied TV, Internet and phone service plans included. You can also get extra services and features with each bundle.


DIRECTV is America’s #1 satellite TV service. DIRECTV services are available for both residential and business addresses. With more 20 million U.S. customers, DIRECTV is a leader in satellite TV service.

Availability & Service

DIRECTV is not a cable TV service, but rather a satellite TV service. Availability is not limited by conventional cables; therefore 100 percent of U.S. homes with a clear view of the southern sky can get DIRECTV. DIRECTV service is transmitted through a personal satellite dish, positioned at your home. Since there are no restrictive cables, those living in remote areas are able to get DIRECTV.

Satellite TV Packages

DIRECTV offers customers a variety of television packages to suit your needs. From the starter packages with options the whole family can enjoy, to the biggest TV package you can get. Whether you want sports programming, local channels or premium networks, DIRECTV has them.

  • SELECT™- This starter package has everything you need with over 130 channels
  • ENTERTAINMENT- This DIRECTV package has 140+ digital channels, including ESPN for full-time entertainment
  • CHOICE™- With over 150 all-digital channels, the CHOICE™ Package from DIRECTV is a great choice
  • XTRA- Get even more channels with the XTRA Package, which has 205+ channels
  • ULTIMATE- The ULTIMATE Package from DIRECTV offers customers 225+ channels to pick and choose from
  • PREMIER®- DIRECTV’s largest package has more than 285 channels available giving you endless entertainment options


DIRECTV partners with high-speed Internet providers around the country to offer DIRECTV customers satellite TV and Internet bundles in your area. Call now to find out if you are eligible for a DIRECTV bundle.


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