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Stream HD Video and More with Ease Using Apple TV

If you’re ready to stop shuffling between your gaming console and laptop computer to watch your favorite Netflix, Hulu and downloaded content on your HDTV, then it’s time to check out Apple TV. Apple TV makes it easy to buy, rent and watch the latest movies and TV episodes on iTunes at the touch of a button. Access great TV apps and subscription features, such as MLB TV,, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and flickr, all through Apple TV.

What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is a digital media receiver that turns your ordinary HD television into a SmartTV. Third generation Apple TV starts at $99. For owners of older model HDTVs, it’s a quick and affordable upgrade. You don’t have to buy a brand new HDTV to connect to the Internet and access all your favorite content. Sync it with your iCloud or other local network sources for instant access to your stored music, videos and photos.

How does Apple TV work?

Apple TV connects to the Internet wirelessly or through an Ethernet and modem. All you have to do is plug in the power cord, connect Apple TV to your HDTV with an HDMI cable and start watching your favorite online content through your HDTV.

Apple TV comes with a remote control, but you can also use your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad® as an advanced remote control. Control your Apple TV the same way you access content on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad®: Swipe, select, enjoy. Download the Remote app for free in the iTunes App store. You can even program select infrared remotes to control your Apple TV.

Apple TV and AirPlay fully integrate your HDTV and iOS devices

Not only can you use your iOS devices as advanced remote controls for your Apple TV, you can also use them as gaming controllers for online games. Use a mirrored effect to check out a big screen version of your iOS display or delve deeper into your game with dual screen control.

Use the AirPlay icon in apps, such as iPhoto, iTunes and Safari, to instantly view photos, listen to music and browse the Web on your HDTV through Apple TV.

What do I need to make the most of Apple TV?

Besides an HDTV and the Apple TV unit itself, you will need a few other things to enjoy all that Apple TV has to offer.

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