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Cable Modem Wireless Router

What Is a Cable Modem Wireless Router

This is a single device that has multiple functions that it can perform to provide seamless, wireless Internet access to a house or large area. The device will attach to a cable outlet with a regular coaxial cable that is attached by screwing on each end. The modem is what converts the signal from the wall outlet into Internet service that can be used by computers. The router function of this device is what provides more than one computer access to the signal. A router can provide access by including more than one plug or by sending out a wireless signal. The wireless component of this device allows users to connect to the Internet without cords.

Why Use a Cable Modem Wireless Router?

Combining all of these functions together creates an efficient and easy-to-use system. A basic modem will allow a user to access the Internet, but will not have the capacity to connect more than one computer or device at a time. In fact, some computer models even have a single, small modem, installed inside their case, that can be plugged directly into a cable outlet. However, a modem that is combined with a router will allow multiple computers or devices to use the signal from a single wall outlet. By using a router with wireless capabilities, a user can save money by avoiding buying multiple cords and cables that would be required to connect different devices to the router. Similarly, a wireless router means that unwieldy and possibly unsafe cords do not have to be stretched across floors or around rooms. Finally, a wireless router makes it possible for a user to access the Internet from any device with wireless capabilities as long as they are within a certain distance. This means that walls, which are an obstacle for wires, will not affect a wireless signal, allowing a user to access the Internet from multiple rooms and locations without needing more than one router or modem. Generally, this device, by having many functions, is a reliable and efficient solution.

What Are the Drawbacks to This Device?

However, these devices do have some limitations. The signal of these devices is not limitless, and a user may find that they will need more than one modem wireless router to cover an entire home or business area. The wireless signal, while robust enough to handle regular Internet usage, may not be reliable or strong enough to handle extensive video streaming or television services. However, as long as the router also has plugs, a person can use hard-wired devices while also using the router’s wireless capabilities for other devices. Routers that use wireless networks can lead to security concerns. It is always best to set a wireless router to have an encrypted network that can only be accessed with a password or code. This will not only keep others from using the network without permission, but it also keeps information transmitted over the network safe and secure. Some users may have problems with these routers working properly, but any bugs or issues are usually solved by restarting or resetting the device.

How to Choose the Best Cable Modem Wireless Router

There are many brands and features that are available in these devices. Those who plan to use this device for work or heavy use should look into more advanced forms of wireless capability. However, even basic wireless frequencies should suffice for most households. Look for a model that offers both Ethernet plugs as well as wireless capabilities. Many cable providers offer their own cable modems for customers. These are often a good idea since the company’s technicians will be most familiar with the offered models. These can usually be either bought outright from the company or rented for a monthly fee that is added to any charges for Internet or television services. Since these devices have so many functions, they may be more expensive than a basic cable modem. However, the added ability to access the Internet wirelessly should be considered by any person with a laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other mobile device.


Most people will find that a cable modem wireless router fills all of their Internet and video streaming needs. These devices are easy to find and purchase although the price may seem daunting. However, models will generally last for years without becoming obsolete, and although users may detect a weaker or slower signal after some time, these devices are still a safe investment. Most people, after purchasing one of these, find that they soon feel that it is a necessary part of their cable network.