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Cable Networks

Most cable networks give their subscribers a wide range of channels to choose from. Whether families are interested in sports, news, politics, or entertainment, they should be quite capable of tuning the dial to some programs that they find palatable. Many of the best cable companies offer premium movie channels for free during certain months of the year. If families find that they have become addicted to these movies, they can add them to their subscription for a few extra dollars per month.

Sports channels are often considered the high points of the package. With the proliferation

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of national sports networks, men and women will be able to watch baseball, basketball, football, and hockey whenever they want. ESPN has been a power for quite some time, but some of the other channels are beginning to catch up. CBS shows quite a bit of college basketball. The NFL and NHL have developed their own channels that relentlessly promote their sports. ESPN itself shows a variety of MLB and NBA games. Its flagship show, SportsCenter, airs several times each day.

In today’s fast-paced world, subscribers will also want access to a fair variety of news programs. CNN was the originator of the round-the-clock news channel concept, but Fox News and MSNBC have caught up in recent years. During election season, viewers can tune in to these channels to watch political debates. The traditional broadcast networks also produce national newscasts each night. Though the ratings change from year to year, ABC, NBC, and CBS are still the three most trusted of all the networks.

With regards to entertainment, cable networks offer up a range of excellent options. Teens and young adults, for example, might want to watch VH1 or MTV. These networks produce several different reality shows that appeal to today’s youth. Older individuals who are looking for reality shows with a little more substance might choose to watch Survivor, The Apprentice, or American Idol. All three of these shows have been on for many years and typically draw millions of viewers per episode. Other networks have recently gotten into the act and now offer singing competitions that are meant to rival American Idol. The Amazing Race, on the other hand, follows contestants as they travel the world in search of clues and physical challenges.

When it comes to teaching children and adults about the wonders of the world, PBS is the place to look. In fact, PBS has long been a public access channel and will surely be available to all families who own televisions. Sesame Street has been watched by toddlers for many years. Some boys and girls, in fact, first learn about letters and numbers by watching this beloved program. Many of the documentaries shown on PBS have won awards. Ken Burns has produced shows on baseball, jazz, national parks, and the American Civil War. All of these have been critically acclaimed.

In more recent years, a number of different documentary channels have exploded onto the scene. The Science Channel, the Discovery Channel, and National Geographic are all quality brands that can teach people quite a bit about the world around them. Although National Geographic is still concerned with creating shows about wildlife and endangered species, the producers have also chosen to branch out a bit. The channel has even put together cosmology shows that discuss the prevailing theories for the origins of the universe. Many of the programs are overseen by scientists who have dedicated their lives to understanding the chaotic workings of the cosmos.

Most cable networks will also provide advanced filtering techniques. Extended cable packages will likely offer adult entertainment, and parents will want to ensure that their children cannot view these channels. In most cases, they can inform the cable company about their wishes before they order the initial package. Parents can also request a print-out of their bill each month. If a pay-per-view program has been ordered by an unauthorized party, the details can be gleaned rather quickly.

Reputable cable networks will also offer free troubleshooting services. If the cable box itself begins to act up, the cable company might need to reset it. Likewise, malfunctioning remote controls will usually be replaced free of charge. In some cases, the cable box and accessory items will need to be returned after the subscription has run out. Men and women who have decided to move to a new house or apartment, for example, will need to sign up for another subscription after they have reached their new abode.

In the end, then, extended cable packages will offer loyal customers a smorgasbord of entertainment options. News, sports, weather forecasts, and music videos will all be available. If families find that they are hungry for even more choices, they can subscribe to the premium movie channels as well. Minor tweaks can be made to most packages during the weeks and months that follow.