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The Top Advantages of Using Cable Phone Services

These days, there are more ways than ever to stay connected to others. Cell phones have taken the world by storm, but there are still many valid reasons to keep a landline at home as well. At the very least, a landline can serve as a backup in the case of an emergency. Fortunately, there’s no need to spend a fortune to keep a working phone in the home. With cable phone services, cable TV customers can enjoy convenient and affordable telephone services as well. Everything is bundled together on a single bill, which makes life a lot easier. In addition to having many of the features of regular telephone services, cable phone services include a variety of exciting extras.

One Monthly Bill

Juggling dozens of bills per month is confusing. One of the great things about getting phone service through a cable provider is that the charges will appear alongside the charges for cable TV service. In other words, there’s just one bill to deal with instead of two. People who opt to get Internet service through their cable providers can have all three services bundled together, which is even more convenient. Paper bills are available, and many providers offer online billing as well. This is especially convenient because customers can go online and make a single payment that covers their cable, Internet and phone services.

Significant Discounts

Most people have cell phones, so they usually want to pay as little as possible for regular phone service. Without shopping around a little, it’s easy to pay too much to have a landline in the house. Customers who already get cable and Internet services from a single provider are wise to check into cable phone services too. In many cases, cable companies offer exceptional discounts to those who bundle their services together. These discounts are occasionally temporary and offered on an introductory basis only. However, they are sometimes ongoing and remain valid as long as the other services are continued as well.

Customer Service

No one likes dealing with customer service. By getting phone Customer service operator service from a cable TV provider, customers have one less company to deal with at a time. If there’s an issue with the cable or the phone, a customer can call a single number for help. Before signing up for phone service through a cable provider, it’s smart to check reviews to see how reliable it is. In most cases, phone services through cable providers are very dependable, and downtime is minimal. Still, checking ahead of time can save a lot of frustration and aggravation.

Cutting-Edge Telephone Features

People don’t often realize it, but some of today’s best calling features are available through cable TV providers. Homes that are already wired for cable are usually all set for cable telephone services too. In most cases, it’s simply a matter of plugging one additional line into a cable modem and adding a phone. Some cable providers supply phones to their customers, but most people choose to buy their own. Any modern phone should be compatible with these services, and there are options out there that cost as little as $10.

Call Waiting

Most cable telephone services include call waiting. It’s rare to have to pay extra for this feature. If an extra fee is involved, it is usually minimal. Most people opt for call waiting in order to avoid missing any incoming calls. However, people who primarily use cell phones may have little to no use for this feature.

Anonymous Call Rejection

When a call comes through from an anonymous number, it’s almost always a telemarketer. One way to avoid having to deal with such calls is by enabling anonymous call rejection, which is available from many cable TV providers. In most instances, enabling this feature is just a matter of typing a special code into the phone. However, it is sometimes necessary to contact the cable phone provider to have it activated.

Caller ID on the TV

Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular features that are offered by many cable providers. As long as a customer gets cable and phone service through the same provider, he can set it up so that caller ID information pops up on the TV screen with every incoming call. That way, there’s no need to get up to check the phone. If the call isn’t important, a customer can simply continue enjoying his show and ignore it.

With great discounts, convenient customer service and a variety of exceptional features, cable phone service is a worthwhile option to consider. Rates do tend to vary from one provider to the next, so it’s wise to shop around a little before signing up with a particular provider. Those who already have cable TV service can usually have phone service added quickly and easily. Once the service is activated and a phone is set up, it’s generally possible to start making and receiving calls right away.