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Cooking Channel

Cooking shows have gained popularity in recent history, and Food Network was one of the first channels dedicated to offering cooking shows 24 hours a day. As Food Network became more focused on reality programming and contest shows, spin-off network the Cooking Channel was founded to give food and wine lovers a place to learn about the history of food and wine and watch tutorials on cooking.

The History of the Cooking Channel

The Cooking Channel was started in 2010 by the creators of the Food Network as an outlet for foodies who are particularly passionate about food and drink. Unlike the Food Network, the Cooking Channel does not include competition shows; instead, the focus of the channel is on food education and cooking shows.

When the Cooking Channel was first launched during Memorial Day weekend in 2010, it replaced the Fine Living Network.

Owned by the Scripps Networks Interactive, the Cooking Channel features shows from well-known chefs like Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay and Tyler Florence. The cooking tutorial shows tend to be less formal than cooking shows that air on Food Network, and some chefs who have shows on both channels even feature cooking in their own home on their Cooking Channel shows.

Not all of the programs that are offered on the Cooking Channel are original to the channel. Many of the shows featured on the Cooking Channel are reruns from Food Network. Reruns include Ace of Cakes, Good Eats with Alton Brown and Iron Chef America.

Sister networks of the Cooking Channel include DIY Network, Great American Country, Travel Channel, Food Network and HGTV.

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Top Cooking Channel Showsmother and daughter frosting a cake

• Not My Mama’s Meals is a show hosted by Bobby Deen, the son of Food Network regular Paula Deen. Bobby Deen makes it his mission in the show to take on traditional Southern cuisine that his mother is famous for and transform each dish into a healthier version that retains delicious flavor.

• Unique Eats searches America for the most extreme dishes that restaurants serve up. Whether the uniqueness of dishes offered by featured restaurants is the pricey ingredients or the shocking calorie count, the show finds interesting foods to offer viewers a look at different, weird or extremely expensive food offerings. Examples of foods featured on the show include deep fried grits, bacon caramel popcorn and prosciutto ice cream.

• Rachel Ray’s Week in a Day features well-known cook Rachel Ray as she teaches viewers who are struggling to put a home cooked meal on the table every night how to make a week’s worth of dinners in just one day per week. Five meals are featured in each episode of the show, and each recipe is selected for the ease of instructions so even people who are not confident in the kitchen can feed their family homemade meals. The show is reminiscent of 30 Minute Meals, a show that Ray hosts on Food Network.

• Everyday Italian is hosted by chef Giada De Laurentiis and showcases meals for a variety of occasions ranging from a simple meal for a couple to Italian fare that is perfect for entertaining. Recipes that are featured in the show can be found online for those who do not have the opportunity to view the show, and recipe categories from Everyday Italian include lighter fare and quick, easy meals.

• French Food at Home, hosted by Laura Calder, is aimed at making traditional French dishes easier to prepare for the average home cook. Simple cooking techniques that stem from French cooking styles are examined during the show. For example, the proper technique for whisking eggs for the purpose of making a fluffy omelet is demonstrated.

• Hook, Line & Dinner follows host Ben Sargent as he explores the coastal regions of the United States in search of the perfect seafood restaurants. The format of the show starts with Sargent following locals in the featured location as they purchase fresh catches and take it back to a restaurant kitchen to prepare it for diners. Specialty dishes that include seafood and are unique to a certain region are showcased in the show.