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Keep connected with DIRECTV plus Internet

Don’t take your chances with less-than-desirable television or Internet service. When you choose DIRECT TV, you can count on getting a top TV experience. When you bundle with Internet when you order, you can also count on having a dependable Internet connection at home, too.

Stay in touch with friends, and keep up with the latest entertainment and more with DIRECT TV Internet. Plus, you can save money by bundling – so what are you waiting for?

What is bundling?

Bundling makes shopping for home services simple. Just pick out a DIRECTV package and add Internet service to it. A bundle gives you satellite TV from DIRECTV, plus Internet service from a reliable provider, and even home phone service, if you’re interested. And you can sign up for each service all at one time – that’s what makes bundling such a great choice. Plus, you can save money on each bill, each month!


What would you do without the Internet at home? With such a big focus on the Internet in our culture, it’s hard to do without. You probably don’t want to imagine not having easy access to the social networks you use to stay in touch with family, the blogs you love to get recipes and craft ideas from, and the news sites that keep you informed.


DIRECTV satellite TV service fills your home with the sights and sounds of your favorite television shows, movies and sports coverage. Pick out a DIRECT TV package that houses all of the entertainment you love, including popular networks, children’s programming, sports action and more.

Home phone service

With a triple-play bundle of DIRECT TV, Internet and phone service, you’ll stay connected in every way. Talk on the phone with friends and family who live all over the country with unlimited long-distance calling.

The benefits of bundling DIRECTV and Internet

  • You can save money each month.
  • You can do more with your DIRECT TV service when you bundle with Internet.
  • It’s convenient if you’re moving to a new home.
  • You can improve on the service you already have by choosing better providers via a DIRECT TV Internet bundle.

What can you do with DIRECTV and Internet?

When you connect your DIRECTV receiver to the Internet, you bring a whole world of extra entertainment to your home. Unlock the full potential of your DIRECTV package with the Internet.

With your HD DVR receiver connection to your home Internet network, you can:

  • Access DIRECTV on DEMAND.
  • Use TV apps like ScoreGuide™.
  • Listen to Pandora radio stations and watch YouTube videos on your TV.
  • Use the DIRECTV iPad® App to control your TV with your iPad and more.

DIRECTV on DEMAND gives you access to thousands and thousands of shows and movies to watch whenever you want.1 Binge on full seasons of popular TV shows, including series from the top premium networks. Catch up on all the movies you missed when they were in theaters, or rewatch old favorites.

DIRECT TV plus Internet brings the Internet to your television – when you connect your HD DVR receiver to your home network, you can use DIRECTV’s TV apps, such as Pandora and YouTube. Make your own radio stations based on your favorite artists and play the songs right through your TV. Don’t crowd everyone around your laptop to share a YouTube video – bring up YouTube videos on your television and watch them on the big screen instead.

With the DIRECTV iPad® App, connect your iPad® to your home Internet and you can even watch live TV on your tablet from anywhere in your house.2 Select channels are available to stream live, and you can even use your iPad® as an advanced remote for your television. Check the channel lineups and more without interrupting what you’re watching.

Call today to learn more about bundling options for DIRECTV and Internet

Internet providers available for bundling with DIRECTV will vary based on your location. If you call today, you can get detailed information about bundling DIRECT TV with Internet in your area. Get pricing and see which trusted Internet providers work with DIRECTV.


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