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DIRECTV packages deliver a broad range of channel choices

DIRECTV offers five package options, all filled with great channels. Depending on your needs and entertainment preferences, one package may be a better option for you than the others. Check out DIRECT TV’s package and see if one stands out above the rest for you.

PREMIER™ package: Everything you want and need, all in one

DIRECTV’s PREMIER™ package is filled with an impressive 285+ channels. It’s the biggest and most widespread entertainment collection you’ll find. From most popular channels to the most specialized networks, you’ll get it all in the PREMIER™ package.

Why should I order the PREMIER™ package?

If you’re a huge TV fan, love movies and sports, the PREMIER™ package is a perfect fit. Plus, the PREMIER™ package is the only package that comes with all premium movie networks included – you’ll get HBO®, STARZ®, SHOWTIME® and Cinemax® included at no extra cost.

ULTIMATE package: Great TV at a great value

The ULTIMATE package comes in at a step below the massive PREMIER™ package, but still offers a huge collection of more than 225 channels. The ULTIMATE package adds sports, movies and lifestyle stations to your DIRECT TV channel lineup, making for a value-filled entertainment hotspot.

Should I order the ULTIMATE package?

For TV viewers who love watching television, but aren’t ready to go all out with movies and sports channels, the ULTIMATE package could be a perfect choice. It’s all the biggest channels without extra premium networks – if you’re interested in those, go with the PREMIER™ package.

XTRA package: DIRECTV’s most picked choice

There’s a reason why the XTRA package is DIRECT TV’s most popular choice – DIRECTV’s middle package offers 205+ channels at a great price. You’ll benefit from savings, deals and more. Enjoy the biggest channels plus an extra collection of specialty sports networks.

Who should order the XTRA package?

The XTRA package from DIRECT TV is a winning choice for people looking to balance their entertainment options with their budget. You won’t miss out on the most popular channels, but you won’t overspend your home entertainment allowance with the XTRA package, either.

CHOICE™ package: A top option for value and entertainment

Have you settled on a lower channel count than PREMIER®, ULTIMATE or XTRA? If so, the CHOICE™ package is an excellent fit. It includes more channels than the ENTERTAINMENT package, with a total of more than 150 channels.

Is the CHOICE™ package the perfect choice for you?

The CHOICE™ package is perfect for people who want more channels, but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for TV service. Plus, if you’re looking for special deals, check out the CHOICE™ package instead of the more modest ENTERTAINMENT package – CHOICE™ includes more channels and more special deals than ENTERTAINMENT.

ENTERTAINMENT package: A fun family entertainment choice

With DIRECTV’s ENTERTAINMENT package, you’ll get 140 popular digital channels, including a starter selection of the most popular channels. The channel count may be lowest in the ENTERTAINMENT package, but this DIRECT TV package doesn’t lack in great programming options.

Why is the ENTERTAINMENT package right for you?

Consider the ENTERTAINMENT package if you want a sampling for everything DIRECTV has to offer. It’s a great blend of channels, including plenty of programming choices for your kids. But if you’re looking for more variety and more channels, go with a larger DIRECT TV package.

Order your DIRECTV package for a perfect TV blend

If one of DIRECTV’s packages is calling to you and seems to be a perfect fit, call today to learn more about it. Get complete details about the package you want, and feel confident that you’ll love your DIRECT TV service.

Get all the channels you want when you order a DIRECT TV package. Call today to find out exactly which channels come in each package, and make sure you’re getting the entertainment you and your family will love to watch on TV. DIRECTV’s wide-ranging channel packages make it easy to find the television options you really want. Explore more about the DIRECTV packages and get started today – call now to order the package that fits your needs!

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