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TV and Internet Bundles

Looking for extra savings? Combine your TV and Internet plans into one bundle package. Cable.TV offers all the information you need to know about bundles. Learn more about TV and Internet bundles and additional features you can get with each.

What is a bundle?

A bundle combines two or more home services. Why bundle? There are a few reasons:

  • Convenience– Purchase multiple services with one phone call
  • Savings– Some providers offer additional monthly savings with a bundle
  • Technology– Advance your entertainment by pairing Internet and TV services

TV bundles include TV service from either a satellite TV or cable TV provider. You can then add other home services like high-speed Internet, home phone service and even home security.

Cable.TV gives you all the information on TV and Internet bundles, so you can make the right choice.

Types of TV Bundles

Not sure where to start? All providers offer different bundles, referred to as a double play or triple play bundle. Within these bundles, you can pick your TV plan, Internet plan and other service plans; creating your perfect home bundle.

Depending on your service address, you may have a few providers to choose from when ordering a bundle package. Local cable providers and other national providers, like satellite TV service from DIRECTV, offer TV bundles. You can get exactly what you want from the provider you want. Find more information on various providers and their bundle packages on Cable.TV.

Need more information? Start here. These are some companies that offer bundle packages:

  • DIRECTV– The nation’s #1 satellite TV provider partners with Internet companies around the country to offer both double and triple play bundles
  • Comcast– Comcast offers several bundles with your choice of cable TV, Internet, phone and home security options
  • Charter– A large cable company, offering both double and triple bundles, where serviceable
  • Time Warner Cable– TWC has both popular double play and triple play bundles

Double Play

A double play TV bundle combines two services, usually TV and Internet. Cable and Internet bundles can take your entertainment experience to a whole new level. Combine your TV service and high-speed Internet service for access to even more features like social media plugins, extra programming guides and other apps. Use all the resources on Cable.TV to find the right TV and Internet bundle for you.

Triple Play

Triple play bundles combine all three home services, fulfilling your home telecommunication needs. You can get cable or satellite TV, high-speed Internet and home phone service- all in one bundle package. TV bundles with extra features like high-speed Internet, home phone service and even home security are available from various providers, including DIRECTV.

How to Bundle Your Services

Interested in a bundle package, but not sure where to start your search? Cable.TV is here for you. Start by finding TV service providers in your area. What bundle options do they provide? Compare what you need and what you want to what you can get. If technology integration, price and availability are the most important factors, pick a provider that offers these. If Internet speeds and channel counts are detrimental, ask what bundles combine them. Need some expert advice? Call and speak to a representative at Cable.TV.  Get the valuable, concise information you need on double and triple play bundles to pick the right one for you.


DIRECTV is a national satellite TV provider. Most cable companies just offer bundling services where serviceable. Not DIRECTV. DIRECTV partners with high-speed Internet providers around the country to offer customers double and triple play bundle packages. Expand your entertainment options when you bundle your DIRECTV with high-speed Internet.

Bundle Today

Want more information? Call now to learn more about satellite TV and Internet bundles in your area from well-known companies like DIRECTV, the nation’s #1 satellite TV service provider. Call now to learn more and order a DIRECTV bundle!