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DIRECTV DVR: Upgrade your TV watching experience

Sure, you’re dedicated to your favorite shows but your social life doesn’t have to be at the mercy of their schedule. Take back control of your television with a DIRECTV DVR. You can record and watch what you want, when you want. When you upgrade to DIRECTV DVR service, watching TV will never be the same.

How to use your DIRECTV DVR

Having a DIRECTV DVR makes life easier. You’ll never miss another episode of your favorite show or minute of the big game. You can simply set your DVR to record whatever programming you want. So what all can you do with your DIRECTV DVR?

  • Record shows, movies and sports.
  • Record multiple programs at one time.
  • Watch your recordings on any TV in the house.
  • Pause, rewind and fast-forward recordings and live TV.

You can even set your DIRECTV DVR when you aren’t at home with DIRECTV’s mobile apps.1 Forgot to record tonight’s episode? No problem. Simply open DIRECTV’s mobile app on your smartphone, computer or tablet and you can set it to record.

Make sure you check out all of the benefits of having a DVR, and learn about the best DVR options available from DIRECTV.

Types of DIRECTV DVR receivers

When it comes to DIRECTV DVR, there are a few different types of equipment for you to choose from. With DIRECTV’s advanced technology, you’ll be able to enjoy television on a whole new level.


With DIRECTV’s Genie HD DVR, you might actually think you’ve had some wishes granted. Genie is the most advanced HD DVR yet.2 With Genie, you not only get to watch your programming in crystal clear HD but you can record up to 5 shows at one time!3 With just one Genie HD DVR receiver you’ll be able to watch the shows you record on any TV in the house – talk about convenience.4

Plus, Genie can even offer you show recommendations. Genie Recommends can automatically record shows that you might enjoy based on the similar shows you already watch. If you like travel shows, Genie may recommend a similar history show. Check out your recommendations and see if you can find your new favorite show. (Opt-in to Genie Recommends Required.)


DIRECTV’s HD DVR allows customers to experience eye-popping HD while enjoying movies and shows on their own time. With the HD DVR receiver, you’ll be able to watch your recorded shows in any room of the house. Customers with HD DVRs will also have access to DIRECTV’s On Demand content, which means even more movies and shows.


The standard DVR receiver is DIRECTV’s most basic DVR receiver. It allows you to record shows that air in standard-definition. Most customers enjoy one of DIRECTV’s more advanced receivers, such as Genie. Simply upgrading to HD can greatly enhance the TV watching experience.

Benefits of DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR Service

All the members of your family are unique. Dad has to have access to his sports shows and Mom can’t get enough of her reality TV. With DIRECTV’s Genie, your family can watch their favorite shows on any TV in the house. That means, no more fighting over the TV. Ah, harmony.

DIRECTV’s Whole-Home DVR service is available for customers with either a Genie or HD DVR receiver. Once you’re hooked up, you can experience the benefits of Whole-Home DVR service:

  • Watch recorded shows on any TV.
  • Start a show in one room and finish it in another.
  • Manage your DVR playlist from any room.

Want the convenience of Whole-Home DVR service? Call us today and you can find out more about upgading to DIRECTV DVR.

DIRECTV DVR: Get yours today!

TV is there for your entertainment so shouldn’t it also be there at your convenience? With DIRECTV DVR, you can start enjoying television on your own time.

Call today and order a DIRECTV DVR for your home. There are many DVR options for you to choose from. You can even see if you’ll be eligible for any special deals on DVR equipment or other DIRECTV offers. With DIRECTV DVR, you can combine the programming you love with the most advanced equipment and technology! Why wait? Order today!




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