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DIRECTV Genie vs. DISH Hopper

Comparing the two HD DVR services…

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DIRECTV and DISH stand among the giants when it comes to satellite television and all the great ways you can watch it. In addition to their suite of channels and packages, they each feature sophisticated HD DVR services that put viewers in control of the action. For DIRECTV, there is the Genie HD DVR and, with DISH Network you have Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR.

Both HD DVR services offer different features and, when it comes time to choose a service provider, having a better understanding of what is being compared is always a good idea. Below are some of the features offered by both the DIRECTV Genie and the DISH Network Hopper.


DIRECTV sports one of the most advanced HD DVR services available with Genie. The features offered by Genie include:

Basic Features

Viewers can pause and rewind the action during a live episode, putting them in control of the experience. The DIRECTV Genie can also record any 5 shows at once on a selection of HD channels.

DVR Service

Users can pause the action, stop and continue recordings and resume programming from four different TVs in four different rooms. The Genie can be scheduled 2 weeks in advance for recording and these can be watched on the go with GenieGo.


The Genie comes with a terabyte of storage memory which can mean about 1000 hours of recorded TV. You can also watch multiple programs at the same time. The Genie can also generation viewer recommendations based on your viewing preferences.

DISH Network Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR

As its name might suggest, the DISH Network Hopper is a whole-home DVR solution with a greater emphasis on the ability to “hop” from one television to another without missing a beat:

Basic Features

Basic functionality includes the ability to pause and rewind live TV. The DISH Network Hopper can record up to 6 shows at a time which puts it cut above basic DVRs on the market. However, this can be limiting since the only way to record 6 shows at once is during primetime, as far as local channels are concerned.

DVR Service

DISH Network Hopper can stream On Demand shows and multiple devices – smartphones, tablets, computers – can connect with Hopper. The built-in Slingbox lets viewers watch satellite TV from any device anywhere that an Internet connection is present.


The Hopper offers 2 terabytes of storage data which can equal to about 2000 hours of recorded TV. Hopper also features something called SRS TruVolume which modulates the volume between programming and commercials to keep sound levels consistent.

Hopper or Genie

Hopper has a lot of bells and whistles and offers an incredible amount of storage space. However, the limitations on recording channels set it apart from DIRECTV and the Genie. DIRECTV Genie offers lots of recording options and lots of ways for viewers to manage their DVR while getting in touch with the programs they want to watch. In the end, it’s up to you and what you want out of your TV-watching experience.