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Discount TV Brands

Discount TV Brands
In today’s home electronics market, buyers have a number of quality television sets to choose from. However, a quality television does not always mean that the TV set will cost a lot of money. In fact, there are many discount TV brands that offer customers the option of buying a television for less. Buying a discount television and coupling it with low-price cable service that can be found here is a great way to save money on home entertainment. Discount televisions include both more traditional models and flat screen wall-mounted TVs that incorporate LCD and plasma technology, and all of these TVs are compatible with the low-price cable television services that you can compare on our cable television resource page. The most popular discount TV brands in the United States include:TV with blue sky and clouds on screen

Dynex — Dynex is one of electronics retailing giant Best Buy’s in-house brands. A wide variety of different products are sold under the Dynex label, including data cables, Blu-ray players, and televisions. Generally speaking, the televisions sold under the Dynex label have fewer features than the discount TVs sold under Best Buy’s other in-house TV brand known as Insignia. Fewer features, of course, mean a lower cost, so Dynex TVs also tend to be much cheaper than many comparable Insignia products.

Emerson — As a brand, Emerson is over 100 years old in the United States. Today, the Emerson company licenses the Emerson name to television sets manufactured by the Funai Electronics Company, which produces a large number of discount televisions for U.S. customers under many different subsidiaries. Emerson televisions are commonly found at big-box retailers such as Walmart and Sam’s Club.

Insignia — Insignia is perhaps the best-known in-house electronics brand from Best Buy. When compared to other major high-end TV manufacturers, TV products from Insignia are usually less expensive than competing television sets. Though it is a discount TV brand, Insignia sets can be more expensive than other discount TV brands, including the sets sold under Best Buy’s other house brand named Dynex.

Magnavox — Since 1915, consumers have trusted Magnavox for quality televisions and other electronics. Today, Magnavox is a brand name owned by the Philips Electronics Company, a Dutch manufacturer of electronics that is one of the largest producers of consumer electronics in the entire world. Magnavox televisions are actually Funai products that are produced under the Magnavox name.

Sanyo — In the discount television market, Sanyo is best known for its many low-cost plasma TV sets. Walmart is a major retailer of these low-cost television sets and other Sanyo products. The company also produces some higher-cost LCD televisions.

Sylvania — Sylvania Electronic Products was a major manufacturer of electronic products such vacuum tubes and television sets throughout most of the twentieth century. Over time, different portions of the company were sold off, and ownership of the Sylvania name came into the hands of the Philips Electronics Company. Today, Philips licenses the Sylvania name to Japan-based Funai, and many discount television sets are sold under the Sylvania banner.

Symphonic — Symphonic is yet another well-known manufacturer of TV sets. Like several other brands on this list, it is a label that is licensed to the Funai Electric Company for the branding of Funai televisions in the United States.

Vizio — A market leader in the category of discount TV manufacturers, Vizio is known for its quality low-cost televisions sets that are sold both online from Vizio itself as well as through many major discount retailers. It produces some of the lowest-cost LCD TVs on the market today, but it also has other TVs that are more costly and appeal to shoppers who are not looking for discount televisions.

Westinghouse — The focus of Westinghouse Digital is almost entirely on LCD televisions for the discount market. Generally speaking, Westinghouse will not be the first discount TV manufacturer to introduce products with the newest features on the market. Instead, Westinghouse specializes in manufacturing low-cost TVs with features that have been available on the market for some time. The prices of this company’s TVs tend to be extremely competitive with other discount television manufacturers.