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Dish Network

Founded in 1996, Dish Network is a satellite TV broadcast service offering TV, Internet and other home telecommunication services, as well as bundles. Dish Network packages, equipment and services vary based on location.

Dish Network Packages

Dish Network offers several packages with various channels and channel counts available in each. Dish packages range from basic offerings to more robust packages.

  • Welcome pack- includes 40+ channels
  • Smart Pack- includes 55+ channels
  • America’s Top 120- includes 190+ channels
  • America’s Top 120 Plus- includes 190+ channels
  • America’s Top 200- includes 240+ channels
  • America’s Top 250- includes 290+ channels
  • America’s “Everything” Pak- includes 320+ channels

Dish Technology

Dish Network is a satellite TV service provider, like DIRECTV. Television service is provided to customers through personal satellite dishes installed at your residence. Like most TV providers, Dish Network offers various technology and equipment to work with Dish Packages. Depending on which package you choose, you may opt for a standard receiver or a more advanced receiver like the Hopper, a whole-home DVR. Dish Network also offers HD programming, bundles, and a mobile application.


DIRECTV is the nation’s #1 satellite TV service. Whether you’re in the market for cable TV or satellite TV for your home, DIRECTV has the right package and equipment to meet all your needs. Learn more about DIRECTV packages and equipment options below.

DIRECTV Packages

DIRECTV offers several packages that make sense for you and your household. Whatever programming you’re interested in, DIRECTV has the right package for you. Pick the right package then match it with some of DIRECTV’s great technology features and services.

  • SELECT™ Package- A great starter package with over 130 all digital channels to pick and choose from
  • ENTERTAINMENT Package- The ENTERTAINMENT Package has more than 140 channels, including ESPN, for your household’s enjoyment
  • CHOICE™ Package- Get over 150 channels in the CHOICE™ Package from DIRECTV
  • XTRA Package- With over 205 channels to pick and choose from, you won’t run out of entertainment options with this package
  • ULTIMATE Package- The ULTIMATE Package from DIRECTV has more than 225 channels, fulfilling all your entertainment wants and needs
  • PREMIER™ Package- Get it all with over 285 top quality channels in the PREMIER™ Package from DIRECTV

DIRECTV Technology

Looking to maximize your entertainment options with the best equipment? Look no further than DIRECTV’s superb technology and equipment options. Whether you’re looking for a standard receiver, or a whole DVR, DIRECTV has it. DIRECTV offers over 195 full-time high-definition channels to enjoy.1 Take full advantage of these with one of DIRECTV’s HD receivers, like the Genie.

DIRECTV also offers bundle packages, exclusive sports technology, DIRECTV Everywhere and mobile applications for some of the 20 million U.S. customers. Call now to order a DIRECTV package and all the extra technology and equipment features you want.

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