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DIY Network

The DIY Network focuses on shows featuring a wide variety of types of projects and home improvements. The main audience of the network is amateurs who are attempting to learn new skills. Men are targeted more than women by this network. The network’s main emphasis is on different types of home improvement such as gardening, plumbing, and installation of appliances. The network has also at times featured shows programmed around hobbies such as quilting and knitting.

The DIY Network was launched in 1999 by Scripps Network Interactive as a response to the popularity of HGTV, one of the network’s other shows. Scripps Network Interactive also owns the other DIY Network’s sister channels: the Cooking Channel, Food Network, Great American Country and Travel Channel. Scripps is headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. For the first two years since the DIY Network’s creation, the programming was made up of clips and mashups from HGTV programs while Scripps focused on creating new content for the network. The DIY Network’s website is The show’s website is heavy in supplemental content, including plans for projects featured in shows, pages of instructions, and video clips. The network’s website has sections for each show, which include top projects, full episodes, video clips and photos. The website also has polls, contests, episode guides and a tool encyclopedia. In 2010, the network was launched in high definition with select carriers.

One of the network’s most popular shows is rerun episodes of the PBS series This Old House. The show features projects and ideas for rehabilitating the older homes of families. As of 2009, the DIY Network also started playing reruns of older HGTV shows like the Carol Duvall Show, an arts and crafts program. These shows walk viewers through projects, step by step. The network also runs Martha Stewart Crafts, a half-hour show from the popular crafting icon. The show has a variety of craft projects including scrapbooking and other types of paper crafts. Other crafting shows feature needle crafts such as knitting. Viewers can follow along with these shows and find project plants online.

woman painting the wallOther popular shows focus on remodeling specific rooms. The shows I Hate My Kitchen and I Hate My Bath work with homeowners to make over outdated rooms using money-saving strategies and new tools and techniques. The network also features Kitchen Crashers, Bath Crashers and other shows in the Crashers family. These shows feature a host who finds individuals shopping for project supplies at home improvement stores. The host then offers to take over the room remodel. If the homeowner agrees, the host and the show’s team performs the remodel project over the next few days. The show’s host is often also a designer who creates a new look for the room, which is then later unveiled as a surprise to the homeowners.

The show Renovation Realities follows families and homeowners who have recently undertaking large-scale renovation projects. The show focuses on the ways that these projects and their budgets can quickly get out of the homeowners’ control. This reality show aims to educate homeowners on all of the angles of renovation projects. The show regularly shows homeowners fighting and attempting to solve unexpected problems that come up during a regular renovation.

Other popular shows also include Man Caves, Vanilla Ice Project, Cool Tools and Sweat Equity. Many shows showcase new homes or homes that have recently had extensive remodeling. These shows are intended to inspire homeowners to work on their own home improvement. Shows like Indoors Out and Turf War focus on outdoor home projects like landscaping. Turf War pits neighbors against each other to compete to see who can create the better yard. The winning neighbors receive a cash prize.

Shows like Classic Rides and Classic Car Restoration focus on cars and car-related projects. The network also has a family of special shows that features celebrities who help restore and fix up cars. Shows have featured actors like Burt Reynolds and Kevin Dillon. The DIY Network also has shows featuring car collections and garages.