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Energy Saving DVD Players

Purchasing a DVD player opens up a world of entertainment possibilities when it’s paired with a high-quality television, but energy wasting models can put a strain on the electric bill of homeowners and have a negative impact on the environment. Take energy usage specifications of a DVD player into consideration before making a final purchase.

Benefits of Energy Saving DVD Players

A lowered electric bill is the benefit that interests consumers the most when it comes to energy saving appliances and electronics. A DVD player does not consume a particularly high amount of energy, but cost savings can still be enjoyed by opting for an efficient model.

Watching a movie every day on a DVD player will expend about $1 per month in electricity. While this number is not high, the savings that can be realized through purchasing an energy-efficient DVD player is more appealing when the fact that these models do not cost more than standard models is taken into consideration.

Using less electricity means that energy saving models of DVD players are able to put less of a strain on the environment. In a society that is becoming more environmentally conscious every day, ecological concerns are important when purchasing electronics.

Identifying an Energy Saving DVD Player

There’s no need to sacrifice features when shopping for a DVD player that offers energy efficiency. Most manufacturers of DVD players are now concerned with offering consumers options that save energy, so these manufacturers have discovered ways to include the latest technology without compromising energy efficiency.

One way to identify an energy saving DVD player without having to understand complicated energy usage specifications is by looking for the Energy Star label. This label means that the DVD player is in compliance with government regulations that must be met in order for the manufacturer to be allowed to display this label.

DVD players are bound by the Energy Star regulations that apply to both home audio and DVD products. Energy Star players power down automatically after a maximum idle time of two hours, and these players must generally default to an automatic power down that cannot be manually reset to a time less than 30 minutes.

Any sleep mode that is available on an Energy Star DVD player can not use more than one watt of energy. High definition and standard definition consumption is detailed by Energy Star. While the DVD player is in use, is can use a maximum of 10 watts while playing a DVD in standard definition and a maximum of 15 watts while playing a DVD in high definition.

Examples of the Best Energy Saving DVD Players

• Sony 1080p Upscaling DVD Player
Model DVP-SR510H

This DVD player is a great option for people who have a high definition television. The Sony model has passed all of the requirements to be considered an Energy Star product, and the low price point allows even families on a budget to view movies in high definition while taking energy usage into consideration. Photo display and MP3 playing capabilities are included.

• Samsung ConnectShare DVD Player
Model DVD-E360

For consumers who are looking for the ability to transfer movies and share photos easily through their DVD player, this model offers USB connectivity. The cost is very inexpensive for people who need to stick to a strict budget for electronics, and it is an Energy Star qualified product.

• Toshiba DVD/VHS Recorder
Model DVR620

Consumers who have not yet invested in a DVR system may be interested in recording DVDs and VHS with this DVD player. It is Energy Star qualified and uses a component that is sold separately to record television shows as they are being broadcast. Recordings and playback are done in high definition 1080p, so this is an excellent option for keeping up with TV shows without the use of a DVR.

Finding a DVD player that is able to play high definition movies while offering energy savings can lower electric bills and help the environment. Consumers can make the search for an energy saving DVD player easier by sticking with players that have earned the Energy Star label.