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Check out the amazing display of a four-color TV

In 2010, Sharp Corp. introduced a new technology that takes their televisions to the next level. Sharp has coined the term Quattron™, which refers to adding a fourth color pixel to TV displays. Did Sharp revolutionize TV technology? Should you get a Quattron™ four-color television? Check out some additional information about Sharp’s extra-pixel televisions and see if one is right for you!

What is Quattron™?

Quattron™ colors bring out all the details.

Quattron™ is the name Sharp has given to its new LCD TV system. This technology enhances television images.

With Quattron™, Sharp went above and beyond the standard primary colors of red, green and blue. Before 2010, all TVs used the standard red, green and blue to create all the colors you see on your television. Sharp has introduced yellow into the mix.

With the addition of a yellow subpixel, Sharp claims their TVs display billions of colors that other televisions cannot create with just three color pixels. Human eyes can discern countless colors, and Quattron™ TVs can produce nearly all of them.

Why choose a four-color TV?

A four-color television gives you a higher range of colors and deeper vibrancy. Yellows, golds and blues are all brilliantly brighter than on any other TV. You’ll see more precise and true-to-life colors.

See a range of brighter yellows with a Sharp TV.

More than just adding colors, the addition of yellow pixels makes the TV image brighter. Since the color range adds more light, the TV lamps use less energy to power the display.

Should you get a Quattron™ TV?

Do you need a four-color TV? Will a standard three-color TV be suitable for your needs? Check out some pros and cons of buying a four-color television from Sharp.


Television displays with the added yellow pixel give you a more vibrant range of colors. TV is much more lifelike and stunning with the beautiful Quattron™ technology.

Smart TV

Sharp’s Quattron™ televisions are all LED Smart TVs. That means the TV comes with Wi-Fi accessibility built in. Open a browser right on your TV and search the Internet, or check out some of the cool apps you can use on your television.

This 80″ Quattron™ TV is a smart TV with access to the apps shown above.

Get more information about smart TVs and see if a smart TV is right for you!


In addition to being smart TVs, these gadgets also play 3D content. If you’ve been looking to bring the excitement of a 3D movie to your living room, a Quattron™ TV can do it with the highest color quality.


Sharp makes very large, yet light, TVs. Take your TV viewing up a notch with a 60″, 70″ or 80″ TV. With a huge 80″ Quattron™ TV, you’ll pick out details and see shows the way you never have before.

For a TV of that size, Sharp TVs weigh relatively light, so you can still mount them on the wall if you like.


When you buy a TV, you get what you pay for. With all the impressive 3D and smart TV features, plus the extra yellow pixels and large screens, you’ll pay more for a Quattron™ TV. If you’re not ready to spend a few thousand dollars on a new television, a Quattron™ might not be in your future.

If you’re a TV fanatic, a television with Quattron™ technology might be perfect for you.

How do the pros and cons weight out for you?

The colors can’t be beat, and neither can the technology. Sharp is currently the only maker of four-color TVs. Is a Sharp Quattron™ four-color TV worth it to you?