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Get the right speakers for your TV

Your TV sounds pretty good on its own, but you can take your TV experience up a notch with a speaker upgrade. Check out separate speakers or go all out with a surround sound home theater system. What do you want out of your television system? Consider your preferences and get the speaker setup that will make your favorite movies sound incredible.

Sound options for televisions

When you start shopping for speakers, your options range from a simple bar speaker to an entire surround sound system. Your purchase will depend on your price range and the sound setup you’re interested in.

Sound bar speakers

A sound bar speaker can be used separately or in conjunction with a larger system. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add enhance the sound from your TV, check out individual sound bars. Some sound bars are wireless, so they’re fairly easy to set up.

Keep in mind that most tower speakers are sold separately. Don’t forget to buy both a left and right speaker.

If you buy a single sound bar speaker, it might not come with its own remote. You’ll have to program it to work with your TV remote.

Floor or tower speakers

Floor standing and tower speakers stand on either side of your TV to deliver sound from both angles. These are typically designed with subwoofers built in so you’ll get a full sound.

Center speakers

A center speaker pulls all the sound together. These go great with tower speakers – hear as the sound travels across your speakers from one side of the TV to the other.

Bookshelf speakers

Bookshelf speakers are an alternative to tower speakers. They are meant to be placed on the left and right sides of your TV, but are much smaller than towers. For the best results, place your bookshelf speakers at a height equal to your television.

Home theater systems

Want to get your sound system in one pop? Get a home theater system set.

Home theaters bundle all of the equipment together. Many sets come with a DVD player, too. You’ll typically get the wires and cords you need, a remote for the sound system, and a set of surround sound speakers.

These sets vary in size and speaker count, so you can find a set that is perfect for your needs and wants. Get center speakers, sound bars, floor speakers, rear speakers and more. Choose the speakers you need to create a home theater with amazing sound for your living room.

Extra details to remember when choosing sound options

Ready to set up speakers to enjoy your favorite shows and movies even more? Don’t forget these other factors when you go shopping for speakers.

You can get separate speakers or even a basic home theater setup for a low price, but you might not get the best sound out of it. You get what you pay for with speakers. Try for a mid-range selection for great sound without the hefty price tag of major systems.

Don’t forget your wires. Many speakers do not include the wires you’ll need to connect them to your TV.

Do you want any add-ons? Some sound bars and other speakers come with iPod docks. This feature is handy if you’ll be using your setup to listen to music, in addition to using it with your television.

Now you’re ready to improve the sound of your TV, and get the speakers that will turn your living room into your own private theater!