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How Much Does Basic Cable Cost?

Households that are interested in accessing the entertainment options available through cable television may be wondering about the costs of basic cable. Anyone who has asked themselves “How much does basic cable cost?” can get a general idea of the answer to this question by learning about averages.

While there is no definite answer to the question “How much does basic cable cost?”, gathering information about the desired service and available providers in the area can help households get an idea of how much to budget for this service.

Each cable service provider offers a slightly different choice of channels with their basic cable package, so it is important to review these offerings to decide which option is best. Reliability of service and cost can also be taken into consideration.

Channels Included in Basic Cable

The core channels provided through a basic cable package are those that are local to the service area. Any channel that offers local news is likely to be included in this package, and public broadcasting networks that operate out of the nearest metropolitan area will be available. Government stations for the region are also included.

In order to stay competitive with other cable providers in the area, many service providers include additional channels that appeal to a wide audience. Family-friendly channels and networks that air older movies may be available for this reason.

Average Cost Ranges

The cost of basic cable is dependent on location and service provider. An estimated average cost for basic cable falls between $10 and $20 per month. The largest factor impacting price is the geographic location of a customer.

Keep in mind that the base price for services does not include add-ons like DVR or high-definition channels. Anyone who would like to add these services will need to pay a monthly fee for the DVR and a higher price for access to high-definition programming. High-definition options can add as much as $10 per month to a cable bill, and DVRs may double this fee.

People who choose to subscribe to basic cable with no additional features will not need a cable box, and avoiding any fees associated with the rental of this box means more cost savings. It is also possible for customers to save money by asking for any discounts currently available when subscribing to a service.

Finding the Best Basic Cable Provider

The best provider for basic cable services is the one that has a reasonable price, is responsive to customer concerns and is known for reliability. Families can speak with providers and current customers of cable companies in order to gather information about what is available to them in their current location.

Determining how much basic cable will cost starts with researching the availability of these services within a certain area. High-definition and DVR services cost extra, and taxes and fees should be taken into consideration in order to budget accordingly. Customer service and reliability should also be factored in when making a decision.