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How to Clean Your TV

You just bought a brand new 60″ plasma screen TV, and it looks wonderful in your living room. To keep your TV looking great, you’ll need to clean it occasionally.

Cleaning your TV requires a little bit of thought. You can’t use just anything to clean your television because you could do damage to the screen. To avoid ruining your TV during the cleaning process, follow some helpful guidelines.

The do’s and don’ts of TV cleaning

A microfiber cloth like this one is recommended for TV cleaning.

Clean your TV safely and properly with these general tips.


  • Do unplug and turn off your TV before cleaning. If it’s a hassle to unplug your TV, you can simply make sure it is off. This is more important than it may seem. Cleaning the screen while the device is off is especially crucial if you have a plasma TV because these can get hot after being on.
  • Do use a microfiber cloth. A soft cloth is best for TV cleaning because it won’t scratch the surface or leave behind any unwanted residue.
  • Do use a small amount of cleaner, if necessary. A soft dry cloth should be able to remove the dust and smudges from your screen, but a tiny bit of water or cleaning solution can help with bigger smudges. Be sure to use the smallest amount of liquid as possible. Too much cleaner or water can leave streaks or damage the screen.
  • Do clean your screen by wiping side to side. Avoid getting smears on the television screen by cleaning side to side, not around in circles.


Clean your TV regularly to avoid an overly dusty screen.
  • Don’t use paper towels to wipe your TV screen. Paper towels and similar products should not be used to clean your electronics. These can leave lint behind. Even worse, using a paper towel to clean could leave scratches on your screen. Don’t mess up your brand new TV because you were trying to clean it – use a soft cloth instead.
  • Don’t spray any liquid on the screen. Never put any cleaner or water directly on your TV screen. Spray a tiny bit on your microfiber cloth to clean any difficult spots on the screen.
  • Don’t use a lot of liquid. Your cloth should never be dripping with cleaner. Too much liquid can ruin your screen, or leave you with a hazy or dim picture. Some television makers recommend never using any type of liquid on your screen, so be sure to read your owner’s manual first.
  • Don’t push on the screen. Pushing on your TV screen can cause pixels to stop working, or can scratch the screen. It is not recommended to ever push on your TV screen, not matter how difficult a trouble spot is during cleaning. Instead, try a different cloth or add some cleaning solution to get your screen looking sparkling fresh again.

TV cleaning made easy

Follow these cleaning guidelines and your TV will look good as new in no time!