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How to Program a Universal Remote Control

Over the years, remote controls have become more and more advanced. Simple remotes that only controlled volume and channels have given way to intricate modes that can operate more than just your TV. This is a good thing.

Operate your whole home theater system with just one universal remote.

Otherwise, your home entertainment system could include a TV with a special remote from your TV provider, a DVD or Blu-ray™ player with a remote, a surround sound system with a remote and more: You could end up with half a dozen remotes on your coffee table. No one wants to spend more time figuring out which remote to use to turn on the TV than the time it takes to watch a show. Save yourself some time by programming a universal remote.

Programming your universal remote

Universal remotes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are basic, while others have intricate designs with screens and keyboards. If you’re not overly tech-savvy, a simple remote will be easier to program and use, but you can get the hang of a more complicated remote with some practice.

Need a simple, easy-to-use universal remote? Try one like this.

After you’ve picked out your universal remote, set aside some time to program it. It could take some time, depending on your level of technical experience and the simplicity or difficulty of mastering the model you purchase.

It’s fairly easy to program most remotes – just hold down the code search button to get the code that corresponds with your TV, and enter this number on your remote. Make sure to completely read your owner’s manual. This should give you step-by-step instructions for the specific remote. For a more advanced remote, you’ll need to rely more heavily on the manual.

With your remote properly programmed, you can ditch the six remotes on the table for just one!

So, why should you get a universal remote?

Remember that time you stayed at a friend’s house and couldn’t watch TV because they had four remotes on the table and you didn’t know which to use? Don’t be a stranger in your own house – get a universal remote and you’ll be a pro at controlling your TV.

This jumbo-sized universal remote is a straightforward device for easy controlling.

Control your whole entertainment system with one gadget. Universal remotes can be programmed to DVD players, surround sound equipment and more. Operate everything easily, without grabbing multiple remotes just to watch a movie.

You’ll have fewer remotes cluttering up your table or getting lost under couch cushions. Just remember to keep your universal remote in a convenient spot.

There are different types of universal remotes, so you can get one that fits your needs. Get one with an LCD touch screen for easy navigation, or check out a tablet remote that can be programmed with more than a dozen devices at one time. Keep in mind that you might have to shell out more money for an advanced remote, but it can be worth it.

Program your universal remote for ultimate TV-watching convenience at your home!