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How to resell your TV: A helpful guide to TV value

Are you ready to upgrade to a new TV? Maybe you’re moving and can’t transport a TV with you. If you need to sell your television, make sure you know how to determine its value to sell it for the best price.

Why it’s important to determine TV value

If you’re reselling your TV, but your price is too high, no one will be interested. They’ll find a cheaper option. But if you put a low price tag on your TV, it might sell quickly, but you won’t get the as much money for it. Calculate the value of your TV to set a price that will please both buyer and seller.

Remember to look at regular and sale prices for TVs.

How to resell your TV

With some advice on how to resell your television, you’ll be able to easily and conveniently sell your TV.


Determining the value of the TV is the first step to reselling it. Remember to consider the condition of your television when pricing it.

Check appraisal sites to learn about television value. Look at online sales to see how much other people are buying and selling your TV for.

Click here to get a more in-depth look at evaluating how much your television is worth.

Be willing to negotiate with buyers. If you need to sell quickly because you’re moving across the country in three days, you’ll be more successful if you’re willing to take a little less than a firm price.

Where to sell your TV

Once you’ve priced your TV, choose where to sell it. Check out some options, and decide which is best for you.

  • Online marketplaces: Using eBay or Amazon to sell your TV makes it easy for many people to see your listing. These listings open your audience to people who live all over the place, but you’ll likely need to ship the TV to them. Here, you can set a firm price for someone to buy right away, but you can also talk with potential buyers to negotiate on price.
  • Classified ads: Post an ad on an online forum, or take out an ad in the local newspaper to sell to people in your area.
  • Yard sales: Take part in a community yard sale, or plan your own. If you’re selling a large TV and don’t want to move it before selling it, a yard sale might be a bit of a hassle. But yard sales have positives, too. You can negotiate face-to-face with interested buyers, instead of via online messages.

  • A yard sale can be a great place to sell your TV.
  • Sell locally: Selling your TV using Amazon or eBay is easy if your television is fairly small. Shipping a large TV is expensive and can be a hassle. You might want to consider only selling to local buyers who can come to your house to pick up the television, especially if you’re selling a huge 60″ projection screen TV.

Resell your TV today

Now you’ve determined TV value and you’re ready to sell your old model to make room for a new one. Post an online ad, or plan a yard sale, and sell your television for the best price!