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Learn How to Use Your DVR, and Enjoy TV Even More

You won’t need to be a tech genius to use your DVR. It’s simple enough for everyone in your family to learn. Everyone, no matter their age, can easily record all their favorite shows. Learn all the ins and outs of your DVR, and start recording right away!

An example of a DVR receiver.

See how easy it is to use your DVR

Using your DVR is simple. Just follow the steps below!


    1. Make sure your DVR is set up correctly. This shouldn’t be a problem if you had a professional install your system.


    1. Understand how your remote works. Check your DVR manual and learn which functions are vital to making the most of your DVR service.


    1. Grab your remote, turn on your TV and get ready to use your DVR!


    1. Access your channel guide using your remote.


    1. Use the arrow keys to browse channels. When you get to a channel you like, scroll to the right to see what’s coming up in a few hours, tomorrow or a few days from now.


    • When you see a show you’d like to record, simply hit the DVR button on your remote and schedule a recording. You can even set your recordings to start a few minutes early and end a few minutes late to be sure you won’t miss anything.


    • That’s all it takes! Your shows will record without any more work on your part.
    • Later, when you sit down to relax in front of your TV, you can access your DVR playlist and select one of the shows or movies you recorded earlier to watch now.


    • After you finish watching your recording, delete it to free space to record more shows and movies. Keep in mind that HD recordings take up more space on your DVR than standard-definition recordings.


  • Done with all of your recordings? Erase them all and start over with a clean DVR.

Grab your remote to record programs using your DVR.

What can you do with your DVR?

Your DVR is one of the coolest TV accessories, and it will enhance your time spent watching TV. Now that you know how to use your DVR, check out some more exciting features!

Learn all about this advanced piece of equipment and you won’t miss out on the impressive features of your DVR.

  • Set repeating timers and your DVR will automatically record all new episodes of a show. Or, choose to record all episodes, and catch up on a series you may have missed.
  • If you’ve selected a top satellite TV provider, you’ll get an innovative DVR that allows you to watch your recordings in any room of the house. You can even record more than one show at a time.
  • Have you ever missed half a show because you were interrupted while you were watching it? It’s not a problem when you have a DVR. You can pause, rewind and fast-forward live TV, keeping the frustration of interruptions to a minimum.
  • With live TV, timing can be unpredictable. A football game will be delayed by penalties or an actor will take too long with their award-acceptance speech, and the program will run over its allotted time. To avoid missing the crucial end of the game or the biggest award of the night, set your DVR for a few minutes extra when you record live programming.

It’s easy to do all of this and more when you know how to use your DVR. Now, watching TV is more exciting and convenient than ever. Start recording your favorite TV shows on your DVR today!