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Hulu Plus vs. Netflix

Streaming now or streaming later…


When you can’t always be there for the premiere of your favorite show and you don’t have a DVR, the next option is usually a streaming video service. There are a couple different ones to choose from, but the two that stand above the rest are Hulu Plus and Netflix.

So, which one do you prefer? Does Hulu stand above the competition with its library of currently-airing-shows or does Netflix reign supreme with its extensive archive?

Hulu Plus Keeps Its Content Current

Hulu Plus typically carries currently airing television shows with episodes available the day after the initial broadcast. Viewers who miss the premiere of a new episode usually won’t be in the dark for very long as a result. Hulu Plus also focuses more on a social element through sharing and commentary as well as the application of social media outlets.

The focus for Hulu Plus when it comes to their library is on what’s current, but there are some original programs featured as well. While Hulu does feature a diverse selection – including family-friendly programming – the emphasis on social TV is clear.

Netflix Offers More to More Viewers

Netflix rarely offers episodes of currently airing shows with most of the television programs offered generally being a season behind. In contrast to Hulu Plus, Netflix currently does not focus on the social element, instead opting for a more personalized experience. Recommendations are generated periodically that take your selections and ratings into account.

In terms of HD quality, Netflix streams in 1080p with surround sound audio on a multitude of different devices. Netflix also offers a large selection of original programs with some arguably rivaling the content and quality of the shows featured on premium networks like HBO. There is also a portal called “Netflix for Kids” that helps children navigate the archive and select from age-appropriate content.

Decide What Kind of Viewer You Are

Obviously both streaming services have their ups and downs. Netflix has a larger library, but you won’t get the enhanced social TV elements. On the other hand, Hulu is a great way to keep up with current shows, but its content library is dwarfed in comparison to Netflix’s archive. Comparing the two requires you to ask just what kind of viewer you are.

Are you overly-concerned about current shows, but just don’t have the time to watch them when they premiere? If you are one of those viewers, then Hulu Plus is ideal. However, if you’re less concerned with premieres and more interested in a larger selection and family-friendly options, then Netflix is ideal. Each service offers a little something different that sets it apart from the other and, at the end of the day; you’ll want to choose the service that matches your viewing style.

But seriously…which is the best?

It’s a matter of personal preference and viewing style…

…However, if one were to tally up all the pros and cons of each, Netflix would rise above the rest for its larger library, award-winning original programming, multiple streaming options, and enhanced family-friendly settings. It lacks the strong social element that Hulu Plus employs, but its streaming services outshine the competition in terms of availability and quality.