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Most Popular TV Brands

When it is time to buy a new television set, consumers today have many different brand choices. The number of possibilities is so large that choosing one TV brand from among the rest can seem almost impossible. Fortunately, a number of brands have risen to the top in terms of quality and affordability. This means that the TVs that are the most popular in terms of sales numbers tend to be the best models all around in terms of cost and craftsmanship. The following is a list, in no particular order, of the most popular television brands as of December 2012. We offer it to help you find the best television for your home or office.Couple comparing TVs in store

RCA — The Radio Corporation of America was one of the United States’ largest manufacturers of consumer electronics and related products until its purchase and dissolution in 1986. That has not stopped the RCA name from being licensed to different electronics manufacturers around the world, however. Technicolor SA owns the RCA trademark and licenses it to the ON Corporation for use on LCD televisions and other TVs. RCA televisions are among the bestselling models in the TV category, and they can be found at retailers including Sears, Walmart, Target and other major electronics and department stores.

Hitachi — Hitachi is one of the 50 largest companies in the world. This Japanese megacorporation has been making various electronics and other products for commercial, governmental and business use since 1910, and its flat-screen LCD high-definition television sets are bestsellers in the consumer electronics sector. Hitachi also sells many smaller TVs that are popular with consumers, and their products can be found in big-box retailers such as Sam’s Club and Target.

LG — Although the initials LG did not originally stand for “Life’s Good,” the South Korean electronics and chemical company LG now embraces that phrase as its corporate motto. Today, LG is an industry leader in plasma and LCD television production, and LG televisions can be found in stores across the United States and around the world. LG offers both discount and high-end, decked-out televisions for the consumer TV market. LG is currently the second-largest television manufacturer in the world.

Samsung — Samsung is known as an industry leader and innovator in the television field. The company was among the first to use 3D TV technology as well as a variety of other features that are increasingly becoming standard on even the least expensive televisions on the market. In addition to LCD and plasma TVs, Samsung also manufactures home theater projectors. Featuring a number of different TVs at various price points, Samsung distributes its TVs through retailers of all sizes across the United States. It is the largest manufacturer of televisions in the world.

BenQ — One of the newest manufacturers of televisions on this list of the most popular TV brands is the BenQ Corporation. BenQ stands for “Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to Life,” which is the company’s slogan. Based in Taiwan, BenQ has been manufacturing televisions since 2001, when it was spun off from the well-known computer manufacturer Acer. When shoppers are looking for a quality television today, the flat-screen models produced by BenQ should never be overlooked.

Toshiba — The Toshiba Corporation is certainly one of the most recognized names in consumer electronics today. This Japanese company is a top producer of LCD television sets and other TV models. Like several other manufacturers on this list, Toshiba produces low-cost, scaled-down televisions and more expensive TV models that feature the latest features and technological innovations. Toshiba televisions are sold across the country by all the major electronics retailers and department stores.

Sharp — Ranked number four on the list of the largest producers of televisions in the world, Japan-based Sharp has been making LCD TVs ever since the technology was first made available to the consumer market. Sharp’s TVs are branded Aquos, and the company manufactures different models at different price points, including home video projectors.

Sony — The third-largest manufacturer of TVs in the world, electronics giant Sony sells LCD TVs under the Bravia label. Price points vary, but there is a Sony television for just about any budget.