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Moving? Advice to move your TV safely

Moving advice can help you have a hassle-free moving day.

When you move to a new home, you count on all your belongings making it there safely. While your new TV might not be as priceless as your grandmother’s collection of crystal figurines, items that are broken or damaged can put a damper on your moving day. Ensure a successful move by properly packing your belongings.

Learn the correct way to pack up your TV for transportation, and it will arrive at your new home safely, whether you’re moving 10 miles or 1,000 miles away.

How to pack and transport your TV

As moving day approaches, decide how to transport your TV. You could pack and move it yourself, rely on a moving company or attempt to ship your television to the new location. Learn the best methods and packing techniques and get your TV to its destination safely.

Professional movers

You could hire a professional moving company for your move. Look for a trusted and reliable service to handle your belongings and TV. See whether they’d be responsible for any potential damage.

Packing your TV

The best idea may be to transport your TV yourself. Pack it carefully and make sure it is securely in your car or moving vehicle before you begin the trip.

If you’re worried about moving your belongings yourself, think about using a moving service.
  1. Enlist a friend or family member to help you carry and lift the TV for packing. You wouldn’t want a drop to damage your TV before you even get started with the moving process.
  2. If you saved the original box and packing materials, repack your TV the same way it came when you bought it. This is a simple and safe way to pack your TV. Start the habit of saving boxes if you have extra storage space in your home.
  3. Buy a special TV moving box if you don’t have the original. These boxes use sturdy cardboard and are specifically made to transport TVs safely.
  4. Seal boxes with packing tape to make sure they’re shut securely.
  5. Use bubble wrap in addition to your box or as an alternative. Completely protect the TV with bubble wrap as a precaution.
  6. It is not recommended to lay any television flat on the screen. TVs should always stay in an upright position and could scratch or crack if put screen-down. Never lay your plasma TV face down as it is more likely these will crack because of the weight shift.

  7. Strap your TV down securely or have someone help hold it while you drive. Be sure to drive carefully to your destination and avoid any potholes and bumps along the way.
  8. If you’re only moving across town, you could get away with less padding and protection on your TV, but be cautious. For a cross-country move, pack your TV extremely well to prevent any damage.

Is it safe to ship your TV?

It is not usually recommended to ship your TV, even with proper packing. Many shipping companies will deliver your TV but will not likely offer insurance coverage because of the high risk of damage.

Moving your TV is a breeze

Purchase a TV moving box if you’re traveling a far distance with your television.

Don’t forget to move your TV subscription if you can. Call your provider to see whether service is available at your new home.

Unpack your TV and make your new dwelling feel just like home in no time.