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The Best Multi-TV Setups for Game Day

If you’re a sports fan, you never want to miss a minute of the action on game day. With a multi-TV set up in your living room, you won’t have to choose just one game to watch. Set up two or three extra TVs, or even more, to make your home the place to be during the big game.

Multiple TV setups make game day great, without a trip to the sports bar.

Why should you go with a multi-TV setup?

Having multiple TVs in your living room puts you in complete control of your entertainment. Check out a few examples of why you might want to pick a multi-TV setup for your home.

  • Do you have a divided household on game day? Half of you cheer for the home team, while the other half pull for a rival. With more TVs and more receivers, you can watch both games and keep everyone happy.
  • Are you always the host for big events, including the World Series and the Super Bowl? If you’re inviting a bunch of friends over, your living room could get crowded and everyone might not get an ideal view of the TV. With more than one television set to the same channel, everyone will have the best seat in the house.
  • Multi-TV setups make entertainment easy. You want to watch TV, but your son wants to play video games? Not a problem when you have two TVs in the living room — use one for television and hook up your video game consoles to the other.
  • You’ll see everything in full screen. Sure, a lot of televisions include a picture-in-picture feature, but your second picture is small and takes up space on the full screen. With two televisions, you’ll enjoy game day with two — or more — screens of exactly what you want to watch.

Stacked TVs can give you a great view from all over the room, as long as you have enough wall space for this setup.

The best multi-TV setups

To get the right multi-TV setup for your needs, consider the size of your room and what you’ll be doing with the TVs.

How many TVs will you need, or do you want? The more TVs you choose, the more you’ll need to plan the setup. Make sure you have enough space for all of the screens you want.

Would you prefer to have your TVs stacked or side by side? Think about the layout of your room and what will look best.

How to create your very own sports lounge for game day

Please everyone on game day with a couple of TVs in your living room.

First, do your planning. Decide where you’ll put TVs, and how many TVs you’ll set up. Forget the sports bar — you’ve got your own with a multi-TV setup!

Make sure to buy all the necessary cables to create your ideal TV area. If you need separate receivers or cable boxes for each TV, call your television provider.