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Northland Cable is an American cable company that offers cable TV, phone, and Internet services to customers in the U.S. Local offices for Northland Cable are available in Alabama, California, Georgia, Idaho, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Washington. Business solutions may also be available, depending on location.

About Northland Communications

Northland was founded in 1981 as a cable television provider. In 2010 the company transitioned to a new role as Northland Communications—offering more services than just cable TV. They now have an extensive fiber optic network throughout their serviceable communities.

Northland Cable TV

Northland Cable TV is available in eight states in the nation. Get the facts about Northland Cable:

Northland Cable TV features

  • Northland Cable TV guide
  • HD DVR
  • Up to 200 channels
  • Free HD channels
  • Add-on premium channels available
  • Options to bundle Northland Cable TV with other home services

Northland Cable TV bundles

  • Surf & Watch Value
  • Surf & Watch Premier
  • Watch & Talk Value
  • Triple Play Value
  • Triple Play Premier

Northland Internet bundles

  • Triple Play Premier
  • Surf & Watch Value
  • Surf & Watch Premier
  • Surf & Talk Value
  • Triple Play Value
  • Triple Play Premier

Price and availability of packages and home services vary based on location. 

Northland Internet

If Northland Communications services are available to your area, you may have access to high-speed Internet with Northland Internet. Bundles with Northland Internet may be available to you and Northland Internet prices will vary based on which services you choose to combine. Northland Internet speeds vary and may reach a maximum of 12 Mbps. Check the Northland Communications website for more details on accessible services in your area.


DIRECTV gets more homes in the U.S. connected with quality entertainment than cable TV services. With satellite TV technology, DIRECTV can reach 100 percent of U.S. households. DIRECTV is the nation’s #1 satellite TV service with more than 30 million customers.


An advantage of DIRECTV is the widespread availability of service. DIRECTV is not restricted by conventional cables like other TV providers. All you needs is a clear view of the southern sky to get DIRECTV in your home. Even in remote locations, you may have access to quality HD entertainment.

DIRECTV channels

There are a variety of channels available with DIRECTV service. DIRECTV offers over 285 channels in the largest package and there are over 195 full-time HD channels for your enjoyment. DIRECTV provides coverage of local happenings too—99 percent of customers can access local channels, while 98 percent can view them in HD.

DIRECTV packages

Get a variety of channel packages and additional options with DIRECTV:

  • ENTERTAINMENT—Smallest DIRECTV package, with over 140 channels
  • CHOICE™-Get over 150 channels for your enjoyment
  • XTRA—Includes over 205 channels
  • ULTIMATE—The second largest package from DIRECTV, offers over 225 channels
  • PREMIER®-The largest DIRECTV package gives customers more than 285 channels and includes four major premium networks


DIRECTV uses satellite technology to get more homes connected than any other TV providing technology. With DIRECTV, you have your own individual satellite dish installed at your home and a choice of several receivers (standard, HD, or DVR). DIRECTV also offers a whole-home DVR and 3D programming to customers.


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