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Power rankings and why they matter

Have you ever felt that your beloved football team is actually better than their losing 1-5 record shows? Even if the record doesn’t predict it, your team could begin to improve. Power rankings can offset that losing record by breaking down the efforts of your team instead of just stating their win count.

On the other hand, sometimes the team with the highest win record isn’t the team that is playing their best. Get right down to the stat breakdown with a look at power rankings.

NFL power rankings list all 32 teams from highest to lowest scoring.

What are power rankings?

Power rankings take stats from each team to rank them objectively. Many publications and online outlets come out with new power rankings each week after games to rescore every team.

Any sport can – and typically does – use power ranking systems. They are most popular in football, baseball, basketball and hockey. Both teams and individual players can be ranked, whether for total yards or individual three-point shots.

Why do we use power rankings?

Power rankings are an objective way to chart the successes and failures of teams. The objectivity removes any bias or unfair rankings. Everything is based on real stats and calculated the same across the board for all teams or players.

Sports publications also use traditional win-lose standings to choose the best current teams, but those don’t take into account other factors that power rankings can include. Normal rankings are strictly win-lose ratios, but a power ranking includes games that get lost in the last seconds after a big mistake, or a close overtime situation. Power rankings provide a more thorough look at the players and teams that rule the game.

Before a big game, analysts often compare power rankings to judge the chances of each team winning. This can give you a good idea of which team has the best potential to win.

Anything can happen during games though, so power rankings can’t completely predict what will happen. They just provide updates of where a team stands after a game.

Power rankings in the NFL

Play fantasy football? Check out rankings to make sure you earn the most points for your team. ranks all teams in a variety of categories, from total offensive to passing yards per game to number of touchdowns scored. Use all of these statistics and others to calculate the ranking of each team.

These rankings also look past AFC and NFC barriers to score every team evenly across the board. Often, NFL teams are divided by conference and division, so power rankings are a way to compare all 32 teams.

Power rankings are especially helpful for fantasy football fans. Check out player rankings to decide if you should sit out or play a certain individual each week.