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People switch TV services all the time. But why?

To find out, surveyed over 500 TV viewers and got their take on switching and the factors that matter most when choosing a TV provider.

See how you compare to other TV viewers by taking the survey yourself! The results may surprise you.

What is the most important factor when deciding to switch TV services?

Customer Service
Hey, 65% of people want to save just like you!
Cool, 23% of people care more about channels too!
12% of people agree customer service is #1!
according to Google research
When looking for a TV provider, make sure you find one that not only gives you the most channels for the best price, but also the customer service experience you deserve.
  • 65% - Price
  • 23% - Channels
  • 12% - Customer Service
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Which TV incentive is most important to you?

Bundle savings
Free premium channels
Free installation
Free receiver upgrades
Free sports packages
Look at that! 44% of people prefer to bundle too.
Nice, 1 in 5 people also like free premium content.
Want no-fee installation? You're not alone—15% of people agree.
Like you, a cool 12% of people put their tech first.
9% of people want free sports right off the bat too!
according to Google research
Everybody likes freebies. But long-term savings with bundle offers also keep your wallet happy. Luckily for you, there are TV providers that offer awesome incentives AND options for combining home services, like TV plus Internet or home phone.
  • 41% - Bundle savings
  • 23% - Free premium channels
  • 15% - Free installation
  • 12% - Free receiver upgrades
  • 9% - Free sports packages
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If you switched TV services in the past, what was the reason?

I became dissatisfied with my service
I have not switched services
I moved and had to switch
My contract was up
A whopping 45% have also had less than stellar experiences.
Lucky you! 72% of others have switched for one reason or another.
So have 17% of folks. Limited provider coverage stinks.
1 in 10 people switch after contract expiration. Are you shopping?
according to Google research
Whatever the reason, there are times when you just have to switch TV services. Use's resources to find a better provider—one that satisfies your TV needs and can stay with you, hassle-free, in the event you need to move.
  • 45% - I became dissatisfied with my service
  • 28% - I have not switched services
  • 17% - I moved and had to switch
  • 10% - My contract was up
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Are you satisfied with your TV service?

Congratulations! Hmm…how did you get here then?
Neither are over a third of people. Thankfully, we can help!
according to Google research
Not all providers deliver the best TV experience. will help you discover which providers rate the highest in customer satisfaction. Even if you're currently content, you could be missing out on amazing deals and promotions that could save you big bucks!
  • 66% - Yes
  • 34% - No

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