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Save Big with Insider Tips on When to Buy a New TV

Whether you are looking for the newest technology or a bargain price, consider shopping for a new television one of these three times each year: September, Black Friday (or Cyber Monday) and January.

Why buy in September? TV release dates

September is the end of the third quarter. Manufacturers release all of their new products for the upcoming year in the fourth quarter. Buying a television in September puts you right on the cusp of new TV release dates. You can find a great deal on the current-year models while the stores still have a good selection in stock.

Best of all, when September rolls around, football season is in full swing, new TV shows premiere and Major League Baseball is peaking as the race for the pennant narrows. Sure you could wait until Black Friday or even January to buy a new TV, but think of all you would miss in the meantime.

Why buy on Black Friday? Dramatic price cuts

If you are brave enough to face lines that queue up as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is cleared from the table and single-minded shoppers on a mission, then Black Friday is definitely a TV-shopping day you shouldn’t miss. Retailers offer incredible deals on electronics and TVs on Black Friday, but get there early.

Serious Black Friday shoppers know TVs are a steal today. Plan ahead to be sure you get the model you want. Scout the weekly flyers for your local electronics retailers and know where to find the best deal on the TV of your dreams before you head out the door at 4 a.m. on Friday.

If you dread Black Friday crowds like the plague and don’t mind paying for shipping on a TV that weighs well over 100 pounds, try shopping online for your new television. On Cyber Monday, many online retailers offer huge discounts similar to Black Friday’s in-store bargains. You’ll still want to scout your deals early. Online retailers sometimes sell out of particular items before their local in-store counterparts.

Why buy in January? Two words: Super Bowl

Holiday sales continue from late November all the way through Super Bowl weekend. By January, all the newest television models will be on the market. Pre-Super Bowl prices will be the lowest you are likely to see all year on the latest TVs – that is, until the end of the year, when manufacturers release the next year’s models. So if it’s January 31 and you’re still on the fence about upgrading your TV, keep in mind that these are the best deals you’ll see until September.

Even if sports don’t rank high on your list of favorite programs, the January TV schedule is packed with reasons to splurge on a new television. Movie fans won’t want to miss award season and the opportunity to throw an Oscar party that rivals even the most epic game-day gathering. Prime-time aficionados will want to set the DVR for the midseason returns of all their favorite dramas, sitcoms and reality shows. So go ahead and indulge in a TV upgrade to ring in the New Year.