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Tailgating TVs

The tailgating experience can be enhanced with a TV, but selecting and utilizing a television that is appropriate for the situation prior to the game is essential. Use the following tips to aid in selecting a television and properly using the TV while tailgating.

Reasons for Bringing a Tailgating TV

The main reason for bringing a television to tailgate is because some people are not able to purchase tickets for a key game during the season. Setting up a television for tailgating gives anyone who could not purchase tickets the chance to watch the game in a group setting that makes everyone feel close to the game. Everyone can share the experience with a big screen.Man grilling at tailgate

However, this is not the only reason for having a tailgating TV. Pregame shows that are aired in the time slot leading up to the game could give valuable information about the stadium, players and teams involved in the game. Even if tailgaters do not plan to sit and passively watch TV while tailgating, having the pregame show on in the background provides a talking point for fans.

Safety First

Before even considering the issues of being able to find a power source or satellite service, safety concerns about setting up an expensive piece of equipment on a vehicle that is outdoors must be addressed. Drinking and rowdiness are not uncommon while tailgating, and it is not completely out of the realm of possibility for a television to be bumped into and damaged.

SUVs or vans that have ample trunk space provide a stable, protected platform to rest the TV on. If a sedan is driven to the game, a simple folding table that is balanced can be used, but be sure that the table is high-quality and not wobbly.

There are outdoor televisions that are specifically designed to withstand adverse weather conditions. Outdoor TVs come with components that are surrounded with a protective shell, so there is no need to worry about damage done by moisture. If tailgating is going to be done in extremely hot temperatures, it may be necessary to purchase fans that can keep the components of the TV cool to prevent damage.

Size and Quality

Selecting a TV for tailgating requires the buyer to look for a television that is large enough for others to enjoy in a stadium parking lot setting. A minimum screen size of 50 inches is recommended to meet this goal. Do not forget that high definition is essential at this size. Because of the large size of a TV screen that is used for tailgating, a screen resolution of 1080p is best.

Locating a Power Source

Relying on a stadium parking lot to have a conveniently located power outlet isn’t the best idea, so bringing a power source to the stadium is the best option. A generator with plenty of fuel is recommended. Be sure to understand how to use the generator before leaving to tailgate; trying to figure out how to use a generator while tailgating can quickly eat up time and take the fun out of the experience.

Keep the generator well removed from the television itself in order to avoid noise issues. Generators tend to be very loud when turned on, so be sure that an extension cord can reach the TV without requiring the generator to be too close to the television.

Finding a Signal

Satellite is the ideal choice when connecting a television to a service that will allow tailgaters to watch the pregame show or the game itself. The privilege of using a satellite service while away from home requires subscribing to a mobile service. Mobile satellite service means that a tailgater will have to take a dish that is especially for mobile purposes along to the stadium.

An alternative to satellite is having an Internet-connected television and apps for watching the game. This option is contingent on finding a strong, public wireless signal while at the stadium, so do research regarding the stadium’s wireless offerings prior to the game.

Tailgating is a great pastime for sports fans waiting for a game to start, and adding a TV to the mix can enhance the experience.