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The Best Bathroom TVs

Installing a television in the bathroom can give homeowners a way to keep up with current events while getting ready for their day or catch up with the latest prime time show while relaxing in a bath. However, special considerations must be made when selecting the perfect television for use in the bathroom.

Reasons for Buying a Bathroom TV

Including a TV in a bathroom has become more commonplace in recent history. Instead of the rare luxury that a bathroom television once was, a TV that allows a person to unwind while taking a bath or keep up with the news while getting ready for the day can be found in bathrooms across the country.

People tend to spend a lot of time in the bathroom throughout the course of a day, so buying a bathroom television can be practical. Ensuring that the right television set is purchased for use in the bathroom makes for an enjoyable entertainment experience.

Homeowners may even want to consider installing a television in a guest TV hanging in bathroom above tubbathroom to make guests feel pampered and welcome to unwind after a day full of activities. Purchasing a hidden, waterproof TV for the guest bathroom can be a fun novelty to explain to guests when they arrive.

Size Considerations

The size of the television needs to be connected to the size of the bathroom. A very large TV in a small bathroom can look tacky, and a small TV in a large bathroom seems out of place. If hidden televisions that are set in a picture frame do not match the size of the bathroom, visitors will be left wondering why a homeowners has opted for an over-sized mirror or vanity in the bathroom.

Homeowners who want to put a television in the bathroom will need to decide on placement before choosing the right size. Consider where the bathroom TV will be viewed, and measure the space. Keep in mind that the size should be roughly equivalent to any other feature that would be added to the room.

If a television is being added to the shower stall or bathtub, contact a professional to ask about size considerations and installation costs. Televisions in a shower or bathtub require professional installation, and it is important to work with these professionals to choose the right TV for the specific situation.

Features Available in Bathroom TVs

Opt for a television with wireless remote features and the ability to operate in warmer temperatures when choosing a bathroom TV. Samsung manufactures televisions with these features that are specifically made for use in the bathroom, and Internet connectivity included in these models allows viewers to access apps that can enhance the viewing experience.

Unique Concerns for Bathroom Televisions

Buying a bathroom television requires careful consideration because of the moisture that the TV will be exposed to on a regular basis. While the television will be placed out of the reach of water for safety issues, a waterproof covering provides protection against accidental spills or splashes.

The covering is typically made of an anti-glare material that allows for viewing the television in a moist, bright environment without the need for concern about water harming the screen.

Another option that may interest people who would like to retain the elegance of their bathroom oasis is a mirror TV. A mirror TV is a very thin television that appears to be a mirror when a room is lit. When the lights are turned off, the television can be turned on and viewed as any other TV would be. This option blends into the decor of the bathroom and functions as any mirror would when the television is not in use.

Bathroom TVs are not the luxury that they were once thought to be. Instead, homes with televisions in the bathroom are more common than ever. Whether it’s for entertainment purposes or to keep up with current events while preparing for the work day, installing a television in the bathroom is a worthwhile pursuit. Be sure to choose the right TV according to bathroom size, and account for excess moisture and splashing that has the potential to damage a television screen.