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The Best Bedroom TVs

Watching television in bed is one of life’s great, unheralded pleasures. Drifting off to sleep while listening to the last minutes of the Tonight Show or the amusements of a late night infomercial can be a relaxing way to unwind from a tough day at the office. Buying the right TV for the bedroom brings with it a unique set of parameters and challenges which can be paralyzing to the uninformed consumer. If you’re stuck wondering which television would be best, here’s a look at some of the best options on the market.

Size Isn’t EverythingTV on bedroom wall
The TV market is dominated by size. While technology such as high definition, 3D, and DVRs have given people a lot to think about when shopping, the number one consideration on a customer’s mind is almost always going to be size. When it comes to buying a TV for the bedroom, however, size isn’t everything. Bedroom TVs are often positioned closer to the viewer, meaning you don’t need the home theater dimensions you may require for your living room. That said, experts typically don’t recommend dipping beneath 32”, as “not going big enough” is a common consumer regret.

Viewing Options
The best TV in the world is useless if you have nothing to play on it. Since many cable companies charge extra to hook up their full packages on multiple monitors, homeowners often choose to go with a basic package in the bedroom. In that case, you may want to outfit it with a Blu-Ray player to make sure you always have something to watch when the mood strikes. Most modern televisions will come with as many hookup capabilities as you could ever want, but it never hurts to look twice.

Staying in the Family
When buying a television you’ll want to stay within a single manufacturer’s family as much as possible. If you have a DVD player you plan to hook up, try to buy a TV by the same manufacturer. The same goes for Blu Ray players, DVRs, and anything else. While not an unbreakable rule, it will go a long way toward making your connections problem-free.

Excellent Choices for the Bedroom
Your final decision is going to come down to personal factors such as budget, size, and what you intend to use the television for. Some consumers have a bias towards LCD over Plasma and vice-versa. While no guide can tell you which television would be perfect for you, here are some excellent choices that should make the grade regardless of your overriding factors.

Samsung LN32D450—This LCD television is a product of Samsung’s budget line, making it perfect for a secondary TV. It offers 720p resolution, which—while not the best a modern television can provide—is probably more than enough for the average bedroom viewer. Coming in at 32”, it is perfectly sized for watching a movie in the evening hours when the couch gets too crowded.

Panasonic TC-PST50—It may not be priced for the budget conscious (retailing at over $1,000), but this Panasonic plasma offers home theater enthusiasts everything they could want in a bedroom TV. At 50”, you won’t wish you had gone bigger, though some may not want a television that dominates the bedroom in such a way. With deep blacks and reduced brightness, plasmas tend to do better in dark environments, making them perfect for the bedroom.

JVC JLC42BC3002—JVC doesn’t get the respect it deserves in the television wars, but this 42” 1080p offering from the technology giant could certainly change that. Priced to sell, the LCD television gives customers a nice balance between full HD resolution and the affordable cost most homeowners look for in a bedroom TV.

Hitachi 40” Class LCD HDTV—An LCD television from Hitachi, you can be certain that bright light will never drown out the picture. Since not all bedroom watching is done under the covers in the waning hours of the evening, this could be a major plus for certain shoppers. Its size and quality make it a good choice for a teenager’s room, should that be what you’re looking for.