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The Best Garage TVs

Men across the country are looking for an oasis in the home to call their own, but space issues can mean that the garage is the only space that can be claimed. Fortunately, choosing a TV that is suited for use in the garage can transform the space into anFlat screen TV in the garage entertainment center.

Complete the Garage with a TV

Whether the garage is used only for storage or only one car is parked in a larger garage, the extra space in a garage often goes unused because homeowners don’t know how to transform it. Even if a remodel isn’t in the budget, adding some comforts like a couch and a television can make the space more enjoyable.

A TV can even be added to a garage that is in use. Homeowners who are mechanically inclined may want to work on vehicle repair or other projects in the garage, and having a TV for entertainment while working on a to-do list can make the task less arduous.

Unique Needs in Garage TVs     

The biggest issue that will be faced when looking for a garage television is finding one that can withstand temperature and humidity changes. Depending on the location of a home, extreme changes in the weather that happen very quickly are possible. Even if a TV can withstand extreme temperatures or humidity, a quick change in weather conditions could put stress on the components of the television and cause damage.

Hot conditions are relatively simple to deal with because any television can be used in conjunction with cooling fans that keep the components from overheating while the TV is in use. However, the cold poses unique problems that require extra care when operating a television.

A general rule regarding using a TV in a cold environment is to make sure that the TV is given enough time to get to the same temperature as the room before it is turned on. Leave it in the garage for approximately 24 hours in order to allow this shift in the temperature of the TV to occur.

It is recommended that a television not be stored in temperatures below freezing. There is a good chance that no one will want to watch TV in the garage if the outside temperature is below freezing, but remember to bring the TV in when temperatures plummet, too.

Since a garage TV in a climate that gets particularly hot or cold will need to be moved to a temperature-controlled storage space, make sure to get a television that can be easily moved if necessary. Opt for a manageable size instead of getting the biggest screen possible, and keep wires to a minimum.

Remember to only use a TV in the garage if the garage has been proven to be free of leaks that could allow moisture to cause permanent damage to a television. While temperature concerns can be managed, moisture can quickly ruin a TV.

Setting Up a Garage TV

The safest way to set up a high-definition, flat screen television in a garage is by mounting it to the wall. This protects the television from bumps that can happen if the viewer is working on a project while viewing TV. Make sure to choose a mounting system that is easy to use in case the television will need to be moved during extremely hot or cold months.

Placing the television on a work bench or table is another option, but make sure that the base of the TV is securely connected to the surface of the table in order to avoid damaging falls. Do not work on the same table as the TV, and leave plenty of room between the television and any surface that is being used for the completion of a project.

Installing a TV in a finished garage provides more options because a homeowner with a finished garage is primarily concerned with design issues in this instance. The garage is typically used as a second living room in this case.

Adding a television to a garage can make it a fun place to hang out with friends and family, but remember to shop for a TV with portability and durability in mind.