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The Country Network

The Country Network is a broadcast television network based out of Deerfield Beach, Florida. It plays videos of the most popular country music artists from the 1980s through to today’s top artists. Using the slogan “It’s Your Country,” this network streams country music videos not only through broadcast, satellite and cable television but also through Internet-cable devices including iPad, iPhone, Droid and PS3.

The History of The Country Network

man playing a guitar

Originally called the Artists & Fans Network, The Country Network debuted January 7, 2009. The first video to air was Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long.” By August, the fledgling network was experiencing severe financial issues, and its owner, Southern Venture Capital Group, decided to sell. Warren Hansen, one of the original founders, purchased all the assets and changed the name to American Music Video Network. He also changed the look and feel of the station to take it in a new direction. After deciding on a definitive programming schedule, Hansen again changed the name of the station in February 2010 to The Country Network. One year after Hansen took over the network, Sinclair Broadcast Group signed a deal to carry the network on its digital subchannels in the majority of its media markets.

The Country Network Shows

The Country Network advertises that it streams country music videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. However, the Federal Communications Commission requires all television stations in the United States to provide educational and informative programs at least three hours per week. Every Saturday morning the programming includes three hours Gina D’s Kids Club, which satisfies this educational and informative requirement.

Where to Watch The Country Network

Sinclair Broadcast Group launched the station in its digital media markets, making it available to 41 television stations that service over 34 million household across the United States. It also provides 24/7 live simulcast through the Internet and mobile devices. With limited production and programming facilities in Nashville and New York City, The Country Network is available in 26 states on 41 network stations and 58 cable stations.

State City Station Channel Cable
Alabama Birmingham WTTO
  1. 2
Alabama Mobile-Pensacola WEAR
  1. 2
Arizona Phoenix K38IZ
  1. 5
Arkansas Little Rock KASN
  1. 2
Comcast 215
California Fresno KGPE
  1. 2
Comcast 197
California Sacramento KCSO
  1. 3
Florida Jacksonville WTLV
  1. 2
Comcast 200James Cable 123BTC Communications 13ATC Broadband 90

KingsBay Communications 13

Florida Cable 5

Broadband CTI 11.2 and 101.2

LiteStream 2551 783

Florida Tallahassee WTWC
  1. 3
Comcast 217
Georgia Agusta WRDW
  1. 3
Comcast 381
Illinois Champaign-Springfield WICS
  1. 2
Comcast 820Charter 968
Illinois Peoria WYZZ
  1. 3
Comcast 820
Iowa Cedar Rapids KFXA
  1. 2
Iowa Des Moines KDSM
  1. 3
Mediacom 111
Kansas Topeka KSQA
  1. 2
Kansas Wichita KMTW
  1. 2
Louisiana Baton Rouge WLFT
  1. 3
Maryland Baltimore WBFF
  1. 3
Comcast 205FIOS 466
Massachusetts Boston WLVI
  1. 2
Comcast 291
Michigan Flint WSMH
  1. 3
Comcast 297Charter 441
Minnesota Minneapolis WUCW
  1. 3
Comcast 253Charter WI 369Charter MN 384
Missouri Cape Girardeau WDKA
  1. 3
  1. Louis
  1. 3
Charter 166
Nevada Las Vegas KVCV
  1. 3
Cox 126
New York Buffalo WUTV
  1. 2
Time Warner 259 & 698FIOS 466
New York Syracuse WSYT
  1. 2
Time Warner 869FIOS 466
North Carolina Charlotte WJZY
  1. 3
North Carolina Greensboro/Winston-Salem WXLV
  1. 2
Time Warner 106
North Carolina Raleigh WLFL
  1. 2
Time Warner 123
Oklahoma Oklahoma City KOKH
  1. 2
Cox 218
Oklahoma Tulsa KMYT
  1. 2
Cox 130
Pennsylvania Pittsburg WPGH
  1. 2
Comcast 208Armstrong 475FIOS 466
South Carolina Asheville-Greenville WMYA
  1. 3
Charter 139
South Carolina Charleston WMMP
  1. 3
Comcast 227Time Warner 137Home Telecom 115
Tennessee Nashville WNAB
  1. 2
Comcast 228Charter 190FIOS 466
Texas Houston KPBX
  1. 1
Texas San Antonio KABB
  1. 2
Time Warner 96
Utah Salt Lake City KUCW
  1. 2
Comcast 106
Virginia Charleston-Huntington WVAH
  1. 2
Suddenlink 125Foothills 219Colane 74.2Armstrong 475
Virginia Norfolk WTVZ
  1. 3
Cox 112Charter 139Cox Baycreek 435FIOS 466
Wisconsin Madison WMSN
  1. 3
Charter 969
Wisconsin Milwaukee WCGV
  1. 2
Time Warner 988

The Country Network has come a long way since its start at the beginning of 2009. It has gone from financial despair to being broadcast across half the nation in four short years. It plays the top 20 country music videos as well as classic country music videos dating back to the 80s. It is the premier channel for 24/7 streaming country music videos in the U.S.