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The Ultimate Guide to: Moving to a New Home

Like many things in life, moving is stressful and time-consuming. In addition to finding a new place to live, the negotiation process to get the place and everything else in-between, the stress can add up. Once you jump one hurdle it’s time to get over another. Take a breather with the Cable.TV Ultimate Mover’s Guide . Download the accompanying PDF for a step-by-step checklist so you can have the easiest move of your life.

What to do, before you move:
Whether you’re renting, buying or selling, there are simple steps you can take to get ahead of the process, keeping your stress level down. Follow this timeline guide for the most-efficient, stress-free move you’ve ever experienced.

3 Months Out2 Months Out1 Month Out2 Weeks Out1 Week Out
You know you want (or need) to move roughly three months from now. While the move may not seem imminent, it’s not really far away either. The key to a stress-free move is planning and organization. Start early so you’re not scrambling in the end. If you’re selling or renting out your current home, finding a buyer or renter is top priority. This can take time depending on the market, so the earlier you start, the better. Here are some easy steps for completing this process and the early stages of moving:

  • Find and hire a real estate agent- they can help price your home accordingly and help you find a new home.
  • Find a new place to live- simple idea, hard execution. Buying or renting can take a while, so start as early as you can.
  • Post an ad in the local paper, magazine or online on a site like Craigslist to find a tenant.
  • Hold open houses and viewings whenever you can- the more people that see your house, the more likely you are to find a buyer or tenant.
  • Have all legal documents ready for when you do find a tenant, saving you the hassle of a last-minute scramble.
Just two months until the big move. Reality is sinking in that in just eight short weeks, you will live somewhere else (hopefully you know where this somewhere is by now). This is when you will want to start the major moving prep at your current residence. Like everything else involved with moving, being organized and on top of schedule will alleviate a great deal of stress. View the moving checklist for two months out:

  • Get a notebook and starting keeping any paperwork, to-do lists, receipts and other moving related items in it. Then keep this binder in a safe place where it can’t get lost in the moving mess.
  • Start prepping your old home to be sold or rented- this may include installing new floors, painting rooms and deep cleaning. (If you were renting your old place, don’t worry about this step, unless required.)
  • Organize the entire house- go room to room and decide what you’re going to keep, give-away or sell. Sounds daunting, but the earlier you start this, the better.
  • Sell your stuff- easier said than done, but purging old, unused items means less things to move and some extra cash in your pocket that can help towards any moving expenses. List items on sites like Craigslist, eBay or in your local paper. Link to eBay here
  • Start your research- learn more about your new neighborhood, utility companies in the area, grocery stores, entertainment and restaurants. This knowledge will be super useful right after the move.
  • Find a moving company- now’s the time to find and book a moving company if you choose to use one. The good ones are typically booked far in advance, so schedule it early, if you can.
  • Moving yourself? Get your friends and family on board now, and schedule your U-Haul rental to ensure you get a good rate and the right size truck. Link to U-Haul here
  • Now is also a great time to have some down time. Moving is stressful and the next two months will not give much time for it otherwise. Take a break and go away for a weekend or out to a show.
You’ve sold your stuff, booked movers or a moving truck, organized the house and have your old home prepped and ready to go for the move. While everything else may have felt like baby steps, the real work starts now. It’s time to get serious as you only have one month left until the “big” move. Click below to learn what to do the month before you move.

  • Now that you know where and when you are moving, it’s time to transfer your utilities to your new address. And not just the basic ones like water and electricity. Contact your phone, TV, Internet and home security provider and see if they still offer service in your area.
  • Change utilities- if you tried to transfer your services and found that the provider isn’t available at your new address, fear not. Take some time to research new providers and set up installations prior to the move. Use all the resources on Cable.TV to find a TV provider at your new home.
  • Start packing! Yes, it’s finally time to pack away the china and those board games you “play” all the time. Get ahead of the game and pack up anything you don’t use regularly. Label the top and sides of the box with the room and contents for stress-free unpacking.
  • Now is also a good time to notify your boss of your move and request a day off, if needed.
With just two short weeks left until moving day, it’s time to buckle down, stay organized and tie up any loose ends. A great deal of the packing, and organizing should be done, but follow these tips for staying on track the last two weeks before your move:

  • Notify services like the post office, bank, insurance company and any subscriptions you have of your new address. It can take 7-10 business days for the company to process your request, so two weeks is perfect time to do this.
  • If you had or wanted to change utility services, you can now call and cancel services you won’t be keeping. Just remember to keep necessities like water and electricity on for moving day.
  • Schedule a babysitter and dog sitter for the actual moving day. A change of scenery can be hard enough on children and animals; make the transition a little easier by keeping them away from the chaos.
  • Keep packing. By this week, you should be in full-force packing mode. Anything you will not use or can live without over the next two weeks can be packed. DVDs, books, linens, etc. Put it in a box and put it away.
  • Two weeks before you move is a great time to stop grocery shopping and eat what you have. Packing and moving food, especially items that must be kept cold is not fun. Take this week to enjoy (or loathe) your kitchen and cook what you can.
You’re moving in one week! It’s crunch time. The majority of your house can and should be packed at this point. This week is all about staying organized and on top of things. Check out these last few moving tips for the week before your move:

  • Act like you’re going on vacation and pack a suitcase with outfits, toiletries and any other essentials you will need for the week and a few days after.
  • Verify installation of utilities at your new home. Make sure the times still work for you, and if possible, have multiple installers come to your residence at the same time. If you can, schedule any installations before your actual moving day for a little bit of stress relief.
  • Finish up the packing. Bathrooms, kitchens, the remainder of your closet can all be packed now. Everything but the bare minimum, like your toothbrush and toilet paper, should be packed away.
  • Keep important documents, cell phone chargers, car keys, house keys, cash, a first aid kit and any other vital items in an essentials kit. Keep the kit close by where you know it won’t get lost.

Moving Day
After three long, grueling months of organizing, packing and hopefully not too much stress, your moving day arrives. If you followed the Cable.TV Mover’s Guide, you’re likely in a good spot. But things happen. Stay calm, stay hydrated and enjoy the day.

Saying goodbye to one home and hello to another is a life-changing occurrence. Whether you’re moving across the country or down the street, all these tips will ensure as much of a stress-free and organized move as possible.