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About Time Warner Cable Service

Time Warner Cable is one of the largest cable TV providers in the United States. Cable service is delivered via wires to your home. TWC currently provides cable TV service to over 11 million residential TV customers living in its operating areas. In addition to TV service, TWC provides Internet and phone service in the Time Warner Cable bundle option.

Time Warner Cable Availability

Time Warner Cable television service is available in areas of 29 states across the country. To check exact availability in your area, enter your ZIP code on Time Warner Cable’s website.

Time Warner Cable Programming

TWC packages include as many as 200+ channels. Additional sports, movie and international channels are available to add to packages at an extra cost each month. Time Warner Cable Bundle options are also available with bundled TV, Internet and phone service.

Time Warner Cable Options

TWC offers TV packages, plus the choice to also order Internet and phone service together. A Time Warner Cable Bundle can include a TV package, an Internet package with a choice of upload and download speeds, and home phone service.

Time Warner Cable offers a variety of equipment, including the CableCARD™, an HD box, an HD DVR box or a Whole House HD DVR. Each receiver has different features, like recording, setting parental controls and watching programs in 3D.

Time Warner Cable Customer Service

If you’re a current Time Warner Cable, call the Time Warner customer service number at (844) 208-3992 or learn more here.

About DIRECTV Service

DIRECTV is America’s #1 satellite TV service. DIRECTV provides satellite TV to more than 30 million customers. Satellite TV service is delivered to your home via the satellite dish attached to your roof.

DIRECTV Availability

DIRECTV satellite TV service is available nationally in all 50 states. Without the restrictions of cables, DIRECTV is available at 100% of households in the United States. Customers just need a clear view of the southern sky for their satellite dish to receive DIRECTV signals.

DIRECTV Programming

DIRECTV packages include as many as 285+ channels. Customers can add additional premium movie channels, sports packages (including the exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET), international packages and more at an additional cost.


Customers can choose a satellite television package from DIRECTV. Any package can be bundled with Internet service from a leading provider available in the area. DIRECTV also bundles Internet and phone service with leading providers across the country for added savings.

DIRECTV customers can also choose from a variety of receivers, including HD, DVR, HD DVR receivers or the Genie Whole-Home HD DVR receiver. Each receiver offers different features, including HD-viewing capability, recording capability, setting parental controls and more.

DIRECTV Customer Service

Need help with your current DIRECTV service? Call DIRECTV customer service at (844) 208-3992 for technical support.

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