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Tips to Childproof Your TV and Keep Your Toddler Safe

To you, the living room TV is just entertainment. But to your toddler, it’s something to climb on and play with and to push buttons on. Watching TV is not entirely enjoyable when your child keeps smashing buttons to change Child holding a TV remote.the channels and turn the TV on and off. Even worse, your TV could be extremely dangerous if your child tries to climb on it and pulls the equipment down on top of him or herself.

Avoid these slight annoyances and potentially hazardous situations by childproofing your television. With these tips, your TV can be safe and enjoyable for all ages.

Televisions and equipment

Keep the threats of danger on your TV screen when you watch a suspenseful movie after the kids have gone to bed. Childproof the television and related equipment to give your toddler a safe living room environment to play and learn.

  • One of the most kid-friendly recommendations is to mount flat-panel televisions to the wall. A wall mount keeps the TV out of reach so your child can’t climb on it or press any buttons. Wall mounts aren’t for everyone, so check out other easy solutions.
  • Flat-panel TVs can easily tip over if not secured. Purchase child-proofing safety straps to attach your television to the TV stand. Safety straps can keep your TV from falling if your toddler tries to climb on it. Wall anchors are a suitable alternative – anchor the back of your TV to the wall with a sturdy cable that helps prevent falling.
  • Keep any cords and wires out of reach. Hide them safely behind the TV cabinet or get a cord cover so your child can’t pull wires or get tangled in them.

Safety accessories

Get these accessories to make your TV safer for your kids.

  • Toddlers love pushing every button they see, including any buttons on your TV, receiver or DVD player. To keep your kids away from the buttons, get safety button shields. The plastic shields typically attach with Velcro or snap on to cover the button area of your television.
  • Add bumpers to TV corners. It’ll still hurt if your child bumps her or his head on a low TV corner, but bumpers help reduce the potential harm of sharp corners.

TV stands

Protect your children from the dangers of a falling TV with a proper television stand.

  • A sturdy stand is crucial. Get a stand that is meant for a television, so it can support the weight and lessen the chances of the TV tipping.
  • Use grips under the TV to keep it from sliding. Don’t use a towel under the television as it can easily be pulled out from under the set.
  • Avoid stands with handles or drawers that your child could use to climb to the TV.

Most importantly, when your kids are old enough to understand, teach them that the TV is not a toy to be played with. Until they can learn, carefully use these child-proofing tips to keep the television area a safe place for play time.