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Top TV Accessories

When the time comes to purchase a new television set, the actual TV set itself is not the only thing that most buyers need to consider. Speakers, wall mounts, entertainment centers and other TV accessories are often needed as well whenever an individual buys a new television. To help you prepare for the full cost of your television purchase, we have put together the following list of the top TV accessories that you will want to think about buying the next time you are shopping for a TV.

1. Entertainment Center — A good entertainment center is the centerpiece of most dens and the other main living areas where a television might sit in a home. In addition to providing a place to put the TV itself, entertainment centers also allow TV owners to put video game systems, Blu-ray and DVD players, stereos, and other electronic media items all in one place in a room. They also offer storage for DVDs, books and other things. Good entertainment centers do not have to be expensive, and most retailers sell assemble-it-yourself entertainment center kits that allow consumers to quickly put together the furniture, thereby reducing the cost of the purchase. Homeowners can also opt to have someone custom build an entertainment center for their residence, but a custom-built piece of furniture such as an entertainment center is extremely costly.

2. TV Stand — A TV stand is essentially a smaller version of an entertainment center. Most TV stands are small pieces of furniture on which a television set and perhaps one or two other devices can be placed. Some stands offer additional storage for movies, games and other items. Other stands do not provide extra storage but are just built to hold the TV itself.

3. Wall Brackets — One of the best things about today’s flat-panel televisions is that they can usually be mounted on a wall quite easily, thereby freeing up a lot of space in a TV room. There are countless options for mounting a television to a wall, including standard brackets that keep the TV in one place, brackets that allow the viewer to tilt the TV to a better viewing position and even brackets that allow the TV to be extended out into the room via a mechanical arm and swiveled 180 degrees for viewing. When mounting a television to a wall with brackets, TV owners need to make sure that the brackets they order are large enough to fit the television and that they have the proper mounting anchors and other equipment to go with the brackets.

4. Universal Remotes — Most electronic entertainment devices such as TVs, stereos and Blu-ray players come with a remote control. It can be a hassle keeping track of all the different remote controls that you own, which is why so many TV owners decide to buy a universal remote that allows them to work all of their electronic entertainment media devices with one control. There are many universal remotes on the market today, and some TVs come with a remote control that can be configured into a universal remote.

5. Additional Speakers — All television sets have built-in speakers, but those who want the fuller listening experience of surround sound or who may have trouble hearing will definitely want to purchase additional speakers for their television. These speakers can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, or they can be placed throughout a room for better distribution of the sound.

6. Headphones — Headphones are a good choice if the TV is in a room where a lot of other activity is going on. That way, you can watch television without bothering anyone else who is in the room but not watching TV. Noise-cancelling headphones also make the listening experience more vivid and life-like while the TV is watched because these headphones block out extraneous sounds.

7. Multi-Switch Band Splitter — A band splitter allows TV owners to split the incoming cable or satellite signal across several different televisions in the home. Those who have more than two TVs will almost certainly want one of these band splitters so that they can enjoy the programming of their choice no matter where they happen to be when they are in their house.