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Get Your TV Working in No Time with These Tips

What is your TV problem?

It can be frustrating to turn on your TV just in time for the big game or a brand new episode of The Walking Dead or Grey’s Anatomy to see that something is wrong with your television. Maybe the screen is fuzzy or there’s no picture or you’re getting an error message. With some simple troubleshooting tips, you can get your TV back in working order with limited difficulty and stress.

Determine your problem

Is there a problem with your television or is the problem stemming from something related to your TV provider? If you have satellite TV, is the weather affecting your signal? Is your TV relatively old? Could the lamps inside your television be going?

You may not know exactly what the problem is right away, but if you get a good idea about what may be wrong, troubleshooting is easier. Once you have an idea, you can move on to trying to fix the issue to get back to enjoying your favorite shows.

What should you do to fix your problem?

Check your TV wires first.

First off, grab your owner’s manual. Read through it to look for troubleshooting tips specific to your TV. It may even have the exact answer you’re looking for.

If you can’t find your solution in the manual, an easy fix might still be available. Depending on your problem, there may be a couple of things for you to try.

  1. Make sure your TV is plugged in and the wires are properly connected. If your TV is in a high-traffic area of the house or if you have pets or kids that play near it, wires could easily get disconnected without your knowing.
  2. Check the format and input of your TV settings. Maybe the picture is distorted because it is set on the wrong format. If you see only a grey screen, your television could be set on the wrong input. Test out the other formats and inputs to see if you can find the correct setting.
  3. If you turn the television on and only get static, try turning it off then back on. This could help for a number of problems.
  4. Do you subscribe to satellite TV service? If no picture is showing up, try turning your receiver completely off, then back on. Your signal could have been interrupted. Is the weather bad? Wind or heavy rain could momentarily disturb your connection.

Still can’t fix your problem?

Televisions and TV service can be complicated if you’re not entirely sure about your problem. If you’ve tried everything here and still can’t get your television working, you may need to turn to the experts.

Call your television provider if you think it’s a problem with your service. If your TV seems to be broken, consult with a repairman or take advantage of your warranty if you have one.

Fix your TV and get back to enjoying the big game.

With some easy troubleshooting, you can get your TV working and feel accomplished in your technical abilities.