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TV and the News: Reporting Politics

When it comes to TV, some people prefer sports while others prefer sitcoms. If you’re into politics, you have plenty of options too. In fact, there are more options for politics junkies than ever. Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, there are sure to be at least a few cable TV channels that are up your alley. Thanks to the wide range of TV channels that are available through today’s top cable providers, there’s no need to put up with news channels that don’t meet your standards. By selecting the right cable TV lineup, you’ll be able to stay on top of politics and other news with ease.

Are Any News Channels Truly Fair and Balanced?

There’s a lot of debate out there about whether any of today’s TV news channels are truly unbiased or not. The truth of the matter is that the majority of networks tend to fall on one side of the political spectrum or the other. Although few of these networks will admit it, most of them cater to specific audiences. Like most people, you probably prefer to watch news and commentary from organizations that have similar political leanings as you.

News and Commentary Go Hand in Hand

Before cable news channels came about, most people stayed informed about politics through network evening news programs and newspapers. In the case of the evening news, time constraints meant that commentary was kept to a minimum. As for newspapers, commentary was generally reserved for the editorial pages. Cable TV news channels generally combine news stories and commentary. Panelists are brought on to opine about just about every type of news story. That’s even truer when it comes to political stories. In those instances, commentators from both sides often square off to ensure compelling television.

TV News Channels for Right-Wing Politics

news signIf you lean to the right politically, your best bet for a TV cable news channel is probably Fox. When most people think of right-wing TV news, Fox News springs immediately to mind. That’s not to say that every last minute of programming is designed to further the right-wing agenda. Fox News features a variety of shows, and some news personalities are more right-wing than others. Like many people, you’ll probably develop preferences in terms of the types of news anchors and shows you like the best. There are also many offshoots of the basic Fox News channel, and they are worth your consideration as well.

TV News Channels for Left-Wing Politics

When it comes to left-wing political reporting, most people agree that MSNBC is the TV news channel of choice. That’s mostly because MSNBC features personalities that are known for their left-wing leanings. Rachel Maddow is a prime example, but there are plenty of other popular shows on MSNBC as well. Like Fox News, some of the shows and news anchors are more extreme in their views than others. There are also many offshoots of the basic MSNBC news channel, so make sure to give them a try.

Unbiased News and Politics

If you’re truly looking for reporting about news and politics that doesn’t lean one way or the other, your best bet is to stick with options like C-SPAN and PBS. That’s especially true when a major event is being televised and you’d like to steer clear of the talking heads. When something like a presidential debate is aired, for example, channels like PBS and C-SPAN usually just air the debate itself. There usually isn’t any commentary at all. Channels like these are the closest you’ll get to unbiased cable news.

Cable TV News: So Many Options

Regardless of your politics, finding the right cable news channel is a lot easier when you have a first-rate cable provider. The best providers offer huge array of options and allow you to pick and choose from many different packages. If you’re not sure about the available options, pick up the phone and ask. You may find that there’s even a package that caters to news and politics junkies. With so many different channels at your disposal, staying on top of the latest news and politics will be an absolute breeze, and you’ll always have something interesting to watch.