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Get Informed: Which Type of TV is Right For You?

Before you choose a TV service, you have to have a TV. In today’s market, the task of selecting the right television to grace your living room can be fairly daunting. With so many different technological terms flying around the electronics store, it’s easy to feel confused and overwhelmed by your options. From DLP to LCD, HD to 3D, knowing the terms can help you make a better decision regarding which TV is right for you and your family and the way you watch television.

Decoding the lingo on different types of TV displays

It can be virtually impossible to make an educated decision on which TV type is best for you without first learning to speak the language. After bidding farewell to the faithful tube television that carried us through from the 1940s to the end of the millennium, leaps in efficiency, technology and design have brought us in to the 21st century.

With displays as thin as four millimeters, or one-sixth of an inch, modern TVs are barely recognizable as the newest edition of their midcentury counterparts. Below, we have taken a few terms and broken them down into easily understandable and comparable elements.

High definition: the new standard

When it comes to contemporary television, high definition is a must have. Customers almost don’t have a choice in the matter. Practically every new television on the market is HD compatible. The choice lies in the quality of HD.

Get the details on the distinction between the varying degrees of HD televisions: 1080p v 1080i v 720p

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