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How to compare TV companies

Shopping for a new television provider? Don't simply pick one – compare your options to find the company that best suits your needs in every way.

Looking for cable or satellite TV? Haven't decided yet? Learn about TV companies, for more information to make your decision simpler.

Things to compare

Compare TV companies based on these important categories to find the best choice for you. See which provider comes out on top and get the ideal package to entertain your family.


When you're shopping for TV service, start by seeing which providers are available in your area. Learning everything about a TV company won't do you much good if that provider doesn't offer service to homes in your area.

Satellite TV companies such as DIRECTV are available in almost every area of the United States. Local cable providers don't extend to as many homes as satellite TV can.


When you sit down on the couch to watch TV, you don't want to flip through the channels endlessly looking for something, only to find out your provider or package doesn't include it. Look at channel lineups offered by each provider to get your favorites.

Don't settle for less. Check the channel counts available, and get the most for your money.


Don't overpay for TV service. Get your money's worth of excellent entertainment. See which provider can offer you the lowest monthly price. Look for the option to lock in your rate with a contract.


No sports fan wants to miss watching his or her team. For the fanatics in your home, see which provider offers the most complete sports coverage. DIRECTV is the sports coverage winner, with the most sports packages, including the exclusive and impressive NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

Compare sports offerings to see your favorite local sports teams and all the best coverage of basketball, baseball, football, hockey, NASCAR and more. Pick and choose your favorite sports packages to customize your entertainment with the right provider.


Is movie night a tradition in your household? Are you always looking for new movies to check out? Compare the list of movie channels that providers in your area offer. Add premium channels to your package to see newer movies.

Look into on demand availability. Make movie night easier than ever – just find a movie with on demand and start it at your convenience. Find out which provider can deliver the greatest movie collection.


Don't get stuck in the past when TV technology keeps moving forward. Compare technologies and find the company with the most cutting-edge equipment and programming.

See which provider can offer you more HD and more 3D. Get the most with DIRECTV – DIRECTV offers more full-time HD channels with over 170, and the most 24/7 3D channels.

Find the most advanced equipment. Dish now offers its Hopper DVR, and DIRECTV is offering the super advanced Genie™. Genie™ from DIRECTV even recommends shows based on your viewing habits. Which can give you most impressive features at the best price?

Shop around for the best deals

Many providers offer impressive deals that can save you a ton of money. When you compare TV companies, don't forget to ask about limited-time deals on programming and equipment.

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