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TV upgrades: When is the right time to get a new television?

Want to upgrade to a 3D television?

You’ve had your television for a few years now. It still works fine, but maybe it doesn’t have all the cool features that the latest models have. Is it time to upgrade to a new television? Is a TV upgrade worth it?

The latest in television technology

If you bought a new TV every time a new upgrade was available, you’d have more televisions than you’d know what to do with. You likely upgrade your phone every year or two, but televisions have a much longer lifespan than most electronics. New technologies might be tempting, but it’s really not necessary to upgrade often if your TV still works.

Learn more about TV lifespan to see how long your television should last. The lifespan of most TVs have improved immensely in the past few years. You should be able to use your television for years before it begins to dim.

When should you upgrade your TV?

If your TV looks like this, it’s probably time to upgrade to a newer model.

You could upgrade your TV every time a new feature comes out, but if you have a good set now, you probably don’t need to. If you already have a nice HD TV, your options include a newer HD TV, a 3D model, or a smart TV. With most programming shown in high-definition and very few 3D channels, you should be able to get by with a good hi-def TV for now.

Standard and high-definition TVs

If you have a standard-definition TV, you might want to check out HD TV upgrades. Many of your favorite shows are available in HD now. For a more exciting television experience, get a high-definition TV and make sure to add HD to your television service.

For a more exciting television experience, get a high-definition TV and make sure to add HD to your television service. See if your provider includes HD at a discounted price.

3D TVs

For an impressive 3D experience at home, power up your 3D TV and get DIRECTV. DIRECTV offers 24/7 3D channels, including 3net and ESPN 3D. Enjoy a collection of action-packed 3D movies, too. If you’re a 3D enthusiast, you might want to upgrade your home television now.

Is it smart to upgrade to a smart TV?

Do you need a smart TV?

A smart TV is the biggest new television upgrade, but do you need one? If you’re willing to shell out more money for a new television, you’ll enjoy many cool upgrades that other models don’t have.

Smart TVs offer impressive features, including voice and gesture control and a Web browser right on your screen.

Love getting the latest big thing? The smart TV is it. Does your situation allow for you to make a big upgrade to a smart TV? Explore your options and see which TV upgrade is best for you.