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Learn More about WoW! Cable is not affiliated with WoW! Cable and is operated by DirectStarTV, a DIRECTV authorized dealer.

WoW! is a cable company that provides service to select areas in the United States. WoW! Cable can be found in select regions of Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Kansas, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa. WoW! Cable packages are available for digital cable, HD channels, DVRs, high-speed Internet, and phone services to these areas.

Facts on WoW! Cable

Looking for more info on Wow! Cable services where you live? Here are some quick and basic facts about WoW Cable:

  • WoW! is a privately owned cable company by Avista Capital Partners
  • Headquartered in Denver, Colorado
  • WoW! offers Internet, cable TV, phone services, and bundles
  • Business plans are available in select regions
  • WoW! Cable customer service available via phone, email, or online

Cable Services: the WoW way

Cable services are available with WoW! Cable in select areas of the U.S., such as Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Kansas, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa. See below for the commonly offered cable services through WoW!

High-speed Internet

  • Upload and download speeds vary based on location and availability
  • Download speeds range from up to 2 Mbps to up to 50 Mbps
  • Upload speeds range from up to 1 Mbps to up to 5 Mbps
  • Some features are available no matter which speed package you choose:
    • WoW! Email—up to seven addresses
    • WoW! Customer Home Page
    • Wireless network available for installation with high-speed Internet
    • WoW! Variety Pak and WoW! security available in select packages
    • Variety of WoW! Cable TV options:
      • WoW! Cable Packages
        • WoW! Cable TV
        • WoW! Digital TV
        • WoW! Ultra TV
  • WoW! channel lineups
    • Basic Cable
    • Signature Cable
  • WoW! On Demand
  • Premium channels available in select packages
  • HDTV and DVR options in select packages
  • WoW! Advanced Phone calling plan
  • WoW! Essential Phone calling plan

Cable Television

Home Phone

Compare WoW! Cable to DIRECTV

Shopping around for TV providers in your area? You have more options than WoW! Cable companies can only provide services close to their data centers, which severely limits their availability. Get widespread availability with a satellite TV provider, such as DIRECTV. Get quality TV service no matter where you live with DIRECTV.

Facts on DIRECTV

DIRECTV is the nation’s #1 satellite TV service. Check out some facts on the company:

  • Serves more than 30 million customers
  • Available in 100% of U.S. households
  • Offers up to 285 digital channels
  • Offers On Demand and DVR services
  • Local channels available
  • Offers the most full-time HD channels

DIRECTV packages

DIRECTV is available anywhere you have a clear view of the southern sky. It’s available in basic entertainment packages, comprehensive channel packages, and is available to be bundled with other home services—such as home phone or Internet. Check out the variety of DIRECTV entertainment packages:

  • SELECT™–DIRECTV’s smallest entertainment package with over 130 channels
  • ENTERTAINMENT—over 140 channels and a variety of entertainment options
  •  CHOICE™–On Demand access, over 150 channels to enjoy
  • XTRA—the most popular DIRECTV package has over 205 digital channels
  • ULTIMATE—Over 225 digital channels
  • PREMIER™–DIRECTV’s largest entertainment package with over 285 channels, including all of the premium networks.

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