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Comcast Customer Service offers the help customers need

Comcast doesn’t necessarily have the best customer service reputation, but with a quick name change in 2010 to rebrand its TV and Internet services as XFINITY, the company is trying to aim to provide better service to its customers.

Ways to get the help you need with Comcast Customer Service

Comcast offers a few ways for customers to reach out for help. For questions about Comcast service, customers can reach out to customer service agents over the phone, at a local customer service center or online at

Comcast Customer Service Centers

At a Comcast Customer Service Center, you can go actually speak with a Comcast representative in person. We’ve all spent too much time before on hold waiting to talk to someone, and whether it’s about your TV, Internet or phone service, or something entirely different, we’ve all done it before. Take a break from the phone and go visit your local Comcast Customer Service Center, if you want.

When you visit your Comcast Customer Service Center, you can pay your bill right there in person. You can also manage your account information and add additional services to your subscription, such as movie channels and XFINITY On Demand packages. Customers who have problems with their equipment or need to get new equipment can exchange, return or pick up Comcast receivers at their local centers.

Call to speak with a Comcast Customer Account Executive

If you have problems with your Comcast service and need assistance, Customer Account Executives are available 24/. You can call (844) 208-3994, chat online with a technician or check Comcast’s online community forum to talk with other customers.

Ways to pay your bill

Comcast customer service makes it easy to pay your bill.

  • If you have the XFINITY Connect app, you can pay your bill via your app on your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Pay your bill in person at a Comcast Customer Service Center.
  • Set up automatic recurring payments that will automatically come from your bank account or credit card on a schedule.
  • Make a one-time payment using the Comcast website.

Customer service from Comcast goes beyond helping customers with their problems. It also makes life a bit more convenient, like with these different options for ways to pay for your Comcast service. Plus, with a Double Play or Triple Play bundle, you’ll pay for your TV, Internet and phone service all at once in one bill, making paying for your home services even quicker and easier.

Comcast Customer Guarantee

The Comcast Customer Guarantee is Comcast’s promise to customers that they’ll receive great service. The guarantee includes:

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee. Customers who aren’t satisfied with Comcast service can return their equipment and cancel their subscriptions within the first 30 days to get their money back.
  • Being on-time to appointments. Technicians should be on time and arrive at a customer’s home within the 2-hour appointment window.
  • 24/7 customer service. Customer service from Comcast is always available, either online or on the phone.
  • Resolving problems with your service in one visit to your home. Comcast technicians should be able to fix your routine problem or complete your installation in just one visit.

Customers who have problems with any of Comcast’s guaranteed services may be given a $20 credit or a free premium channel for three months.

About Comcast customer service

In 2010, Comcast rebranded its TV and Internet services as XFINITY. Comcast has said the same symbolizes its infinite amounts of TV content and commitment to the future of television and Internet. The jury’s still out on whether the rebranding really was a sign for innovation and the future of TV, or if it was to distance XFINITY from Comcast’s negative customer reviews.

With anything, take customer service reviews into consideration. It’s nice to know what other people think of a TV provider before you get surprised by your service. Learn more about Comcast, XFINITY TV and customer service before making any decisions about television service. Check out the other available television entertainment options in your area and find what’s right for your needs!