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Comcast DVR receivers and DVR service

A DVR and DVR service can make even the best television service infinitely better. Using a DVR gives you a chance to watch shows when you have time to watch.

DVRs deliver advanced technology, but you won’t need certification and a training course to use one. Most DVRs are simple enough that you can teach everyone in your family to use the equipment. What do you need to know to use a DVR? It’s easy:

  • From your TV guide, use your remote to select a program you’d like to record.
  • Choose to record just one episode or to automatically record all upcoming episodes of the show.
  • Let your DVR record the show. After it’s recorded, simply go into your DVR playlist, select it, and start watching!

With a tiny bit of practice, you’ll be recording shows all the time! Delete the programs you’ve watched to make room for new shows and movies to record.

Plus, with a DVR, you can pause live TV. Never miss an important part of what you’re watching because the phone rings or someone knocks on your door. Just pause the TV and all of the things that used to interrupt you just become a quick break from your show. Pick back up where you left off when you’re settled back in on the couch. Need a refresher? Rewind your show a few seconds or a minute to get back up to speed. Do you have a constrained amount of time to watch TV? Fast-forward through the commercials during your recordings to watch shows quicker.

How does Comcast’s DVR stack up?

Is a DVR from Comcast on the cutting-edge of technology? Here are the three types of DVRs available from Comcast.

Comcast DVR

The Comcast DVR offers 80 GB of storage space that equals out to about 45 hours of standard-definition programming. The standard DVR does not allow for HD viewing or recording – that’s only available with an upgrade to a more advanced receiver.

This DVR allows you to record two shows at a time, but you can’t watch a third program at the same time. View one of your previously recorded programs while you record two new ones, instead. Or, if two shows you want to watch are on at the same time, watch one live and record your second favorite for later.

Comcast HD DVR

Customers with HD DVRs can get an HD DVR from Comcast. The HD DVR receiver makes watching hi-def programming possible and allows you to record shows in both standard and high-definition.

An HD DVR allows for more recording – with 500 GB of storage capacity, you could record as much as 300 hours of SD shows or 60 hours of HD shows. Bigger DVRs are better for people who will be recording lots of programs often. HD receivers take the TV experience up a level for those who like the crisp detail of hi-def shows and movies.

TiVo is also available from Comcast in some areas

Comcast also offers TiVo receivers. A TiVo box replaces your regular cable box, and this receiver is more advanced than the Comcast DVR or HD DVR. TiVo records up to four shows at once and offers up to 1,000 hours’ worth of recording space for SD programs.

In some major cities and across certain states, Comcast customers with TiVo receivers can also access XFINITY On Demand. On Demand via TiVo is not available everywhere in the United States yet.

Learn more about Comcast DVRs and service

Is Comcast a top choice where you live? Check out all of your cable and satellite TV options. Start shopping to find the best television service and deals available in your area.