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Comcast XFINITY: TV and Internet bundles and more

Comcast offers more than just TV – Under the XFINITY name, Comcast also offers Internet and home phone service, too. Learn more about XFINITY and Comcast’s home services bundles to make your own comparisons.

What is XFINITY?

Wondering what XFINITY is? No, Comcast and XFINITY are not separate companies. Comcast uses XFINITY as a new branding for its TV, Internet and phone services. Customers still receive Comcast service – everything is just branded as XFINITY now. According to Comcast, XFINITY represents a commitment to the future of home services and making its TV and Internet services even better.

Check out some of the Comcast XFINITY offers and see if Comcast is available in your area. Learn more about stand-alone TV packages from Comcast XFINITY here, too.

Comcast XFINITY Internet and TV bundles

Need Internet and Comcast TV together? Comcast Internet is available bundled with TV service, or separately. To get information about stand-alone Comcast Internet packages, check out the Comcast Internet page here.

Comcast XFINITY offers both Double Play and Triple Play bundles, making it easy to get the home services you need. Like with bundles from many other cable and satellite TV providers, XFINITY bundles could save you some money, too. Check out the Double and Triple Play offers from Comcast XFINITY and don’t forget to compare them to the many other choices out there, so you can get exactly what you need at a great price.

Double Play Bundles

Comcast XFINITY TV and Internet service are available bundled together in a variety of options. Bundles vary by number of TV channels and Internet download speeds. Comcast XFINITY Double Play options include:

  • Digital Economy and Economy Plus Internet. This starter pack bundle includes 45+ channels and Economy Plus Internet with download speeds of up to 3 Mbps.
  • Starter XF Double Play. This bundle includes 80+ channels and the Performance Internet package. The Performance Internet speed is up to 20 Mbps for downloads with the PowerBoost® feature.
  • Blast Plus. The Blast Plus package is a great bundle option for people who just want a taste of the available TV channels and faster-than-standard Internet. This bundle includes 45+ channels plus Internet download speeds of up to 50 Mbps so you can play games and watch movies online conveniently.

Want phone service, too? Check out the Triple Play options from Comcast XFINITY.

Triple Play Bundles

Comcast XFINITY Triple Play bundles include TV, Internet and voice service for your home. Bundle all three to enjoy watching your favorite shows, getting online to send emails and talking on the phone with friends and family. XFINITY Triple Play bundles include:

  • Starter. The Starter package includes 80+ XFINITY TV channels, fast Internet of up to 50 Mbps for downloads and unlimited nationwide talk and text phone service.
  • HD Preferred. The HD Preferred packages is more focused on TV than the Starter triple play bundle. HD Preferred comes with 160+ channels, but slower Internet download speeds than Starter – HD Preferred gives you download speeds of up to 20 Mbps. This bundle also comes with unlimited home phone service.
  • HD Complete. The HD Complete bundle offers the best of everything from Comcast XFINITY. Unlimited home phone, 200+ channels, faster Internet of up to 50 Mbps download speeds and DVR service included. HD Complete will run you the highest Triple Play bundle cost though.

Comcast XFINITY does offer other bundles, as well. Remember to check and compare prices for bundles to make sure you’re finding the best deal possible!

Comcast XFINITY in your area

Is Comcast’s XFINITY TV available where you live? Be sure to check – XFINITY TV isn’t currently offered throughout the United States yet. Comcast is offered in many major cities across the country right now.

Not looking for a bundle? Or maybe none of these suit your needs? Maybe Comcast XFINITY TV bundles aren’t available in your area? Keep browsing the other satellite and cable television providers to find a choice that will work best for you.